Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dog days (Part 2)

Submitted by Will H.

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This is S'more (left) and Caprica (right). S'more, a Beagle puppy, and Caprica, a 3 year old Great Dane, were happy pets belonging to the Mason family.
Caprica was adopted by the Masons after she was found hurt and abandoned by her previous owners. Under the care of the mother of the family, Jessica, Caprica recovered and became the family's loyal pet ever since.

S'more is a rather newer member of the family, who was adopted by the Mason's son, 10 year old Adrian. S'more had become Adrian's responsibility and soon shared a special bond with her new master.

When the Dog Days came around, the Mason Family decided to let their own beloved pets take part in it too. It was decided that Caprica would use Jessica's body and S'more use Adrian's body. After having their bodies switched, Caprica and S'more became delighted to finally have an opportunity like this.

On the first day, Caprica and S'more were allowed time around the house to get used to their new roles in the household. In the morning, Caprica read one of Jessica's romance novels with Jessica curled up next to her old body and S'more spent her time in the Adrian's treehouse until she sort of had an accident and fell. Luckily after a visit to the hospital, S'more had only sprained Adrian's arm but had to wear a cast for a couple days. Later that day, Caprica was allowed to take S'more to get a treat. It was going to be a long week for both of them.


  1. Great story I like mucho, is a great job and I want know more, I hope you think about my idea, maybe not is so good but I love the hiskys and the young jocks, please continue.

  2. Still waiting on another!