Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Button up

Francine sighed, "Brad, I know I fucked up when I found that strange website that swapped our bodies. And I know you were curious about what it felt like to have boobs, so I didn't say anything when you opened up my shirt to fell them. But now that you are surfing the web to reverse this, you could at least button it back up."

Brad rolled his eyes, "Look, just let me work. Even with your shirt opened wide, your boobs are sweating like hell under here! And that website totally cleared out your history after it switched our bodies, so it's going to be some work to recover the data, so be patient!"

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


It was the first game since the Great Shift. Coach Johnson was on the sidelines of the college court watching his team play. They were a rather make-shift bunch. A few of the players had shifted into bodies that were still good for the game. Others on the court were inexperienced people who found themselves in the bodies of the players. He also picked a few tall students he found on campus. He sized up the competition and was thankful that they seemed to scrounge up a team that wasn't any better. Coach Johnson himself was in Dr. Leslie McDonald's body, one of the professors at the school.

Monday, November 28, 2011


Justin's eyes were transfixed up at the stars in the cold winter day. After the experience he just had, who could blame him? He had been abducted by aliens, taken aboard their ship, and subject to all sorts of experiments. They poked and prodded his brain. It felt like all sorts of thoughts and experiences were often sucked out of his head. It would not be until the ship was a distant speck in the sky that he would think of looking down to see the effects of the final alien experiment. His brain had been completely transplanted into the body of another abductee--a female body that couldn't have been more different than Justin's old self.

Friday, November 25, 2011


Jay could feel something was wrong with his body even before he looked down, but actually seeing the changes was still a shock to his system. His body hadn't just changed a little bit, it seemed that he was a completely different person. Seeing a dark-skinned hand instead of his own pasty white one was strange, but he appreciated the slender, delicate fingers in place of his own stubby ones. The long, skinny legs were also pleasing; they were much better than his short, fat ones. The breasts and smooth crotch gave him pause. He knew he was a woman now. Something about that fact made him uncomfortable, but he the benefits of the rest of his new body certainly outweighed his new gender.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Missing pieces

"Relax, Tina, I got this." Max smiled as he gestured to calm down, "I caused this whole body swapping mess, and I can reverse it."

Tina sighed. The spell she had cast to switch bodies with Max must've screwed his brain up a little, because it seemed he thought he was the one responsible for the swap. Then she became slightly paranoid. What if he was, and the spell had caused her to think she was the one responsible? But that didn't make any sense, did it? She had motivation! She had a plan! She was sick and tired of being a stripper, and Max was her richest client that she provided with private "dances." Her plan was to steal his body for a little while, funnel some money into a secret account for herself, then switch back. What would his motivation for stealing her body possibly be? Then again, if she was the one responsible, her brain seemed screwed up as well. There were missing pieces. For instance, she couldn't recall what the spell to swap back possible is!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Plus Tax

Chad visited the strange website that promised a way to change your life for only $9.95. Despite not quite being able to figure out what the site was selling, he felt oddly compelled to buy. Within an instant of entering his credit card number and pressing enter, he discovered what the site meant! No longer was his a nerdy computer geek--he was instantly transformed into a totally hot blond babe! He laughed. It was certainly worth his $9.95 (plus tax)!

Friday, November 18, 2011


Clyde may have a woman's body now, but he certainly still has his old male mind. Before the Great Shift, when his current body belonged to his neighbor, she had taken the time to wear makeup, put in contact lenses, and wear a skirt from time to time. Clyde was a bit more asocial. He barely put himself together, never wearing makeup and always opting just to throw on some glasses. He wore jeans, and enjoyed staying home with his porn collection.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Family Vacation

"Alright, kids, give me a big thumbs up and smile!" Jack told his kids, Samantha and Bryan, as he took a picture with his new digital camera on the first day of their family vacation.


Jack was admiring the crisp photo on the back of the camera when his children started screaming, yelling about being in the wrong bodies. Jack was skeptical and thought his kids must be playing some sort of prank on him. Samantha (in Bryan's body) blamed the new camera, snatched it from her father's hands, and took a photo.

Jack was shocked to find himself in the body of his wife, Sharon.

The family started to fight and flashes went off causing more swaps until the camera smashed on the nearby rocks. Jack's mouth dropped. He was now stuck in his daughter's body. She was in Bryan's body. Bryan was in his mom's body. And Sharon was in Jack's body.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Flight plans

Kenneth was cursing as he searched the front seat of Karen's car. He was sure this is where she had put the Medallion of Zulu after the two had used it last night to swap bodies. He had even checked that it was still there right before going to bed last night. Though both had used the medallion in the past for fun, last night was an accident. Karen worked as a stewardess, and she had to leave for a long round trip flight a little more than twelve hours laster. Kenneth had to spend the morning getting ready as her. Then they planned to meet in the airport parking lot, quickly switch clothes, and let Karen on her way. But as Kenneth continued to search, time was running out. If he didn't find it fast, he'd have to do Karen's job and be stuck in her body for another few days.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Walter and Margaret weren't quite sure how their daughters pulled it off. The two girls had swapped bodies with their parents and then ran off with the car. Walter suspected it was some sort of revenge tactic after grounding them last week for staying out passed curfew. Both parents stayed up to wait for the girls. Both felt uncomfortable in their daughters' bodies, but Walter especially so. Around 11PM, Margaret fell asleep, but Walter certainly couldn't. He could only sit nervously, waiting for his daughters to come home, and hopefully fix this bodyswitching mess.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Life's a beach

Matt had fallen asleep on the beach; he awoke to a slight tickling on his stomach, seeing a small child pouring sand on him.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"I'm just playin', Mama!" The child responded.

Matt laughed, "I'm not your Mom!"

The child looked back puzzled, and soon Matt stopped laughing as he noticed the child was placing sand atop was feminine and toned. It certainly wasn't his own...and neither were the breasts right above that stomach, which (if his point of view was to be believe) was clearly connected to his own neck and head! Somehow he had swapped bodies with this child's mom!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Loose connection

Rick was frustrated when his internet connection went down again. He started fiddling with the wires in his apartment, looking for a loose connection. He spotted a fraying wire and decided he should try to fix it. He took out some tools and went to work. Halfway through his repairs, he was hit with a jolt of electricity from the wire that caused his to collapse on the floor. Some time later, he slowly picked himself up off the floor. The first thing he noticed was the difference with the interior design. He wasn't in his apartment! Then he realized that he wasn't even in his own body! The jolt of electricity had caused him to swap bodies with his neighbor! She had apartment been investigating a similar problem at the same time, causing the two to switch!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Doug woke up in the middle of the night feeling sick. He fumbled his way to the bathroom in the dark and proceeded to vomit into the toilet. As he washed up, he noticed his reflection in the mirror--except that it wasn't his! It was a woman's--a pregnant woman's! At first he didn't recognize her, but he continued examining his new face for several minutes when it came to him. He had picked her up at a bar several months ago; they had a one night stand. He promised he'd call her, but he never did. He wondered if he was the father of the baby inside of his belly. Then again, he realized it didn't matter if he was or wasn't the father, because now he'd be the mother!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Eating for two

Darren thought it was an odd request. In fact, it thought it was downright unrealistic. But his best friend's wife had begged him to swap bodies with her after pulling him aside at a party, just for a few days. She was late in her pregnancy and claimed she just needed a short break. If he thought it was possible, he probably would've asked more questions like why him or how she was able to do it. Instead, he agreed hastily and soon found himself quite confused. He was in her body and could feel the baby kicking from inside. She told him not to say a word about the swap to her husband--he'd be leaving for a business trip later that night anyway, and they could swap back before his return--Darren doubted anyone would believe him anyway. The two returned to the party, and Darren soon found it difficult to stand on his feet with the added weight now inside. He grabbed some food and was quite shocked at how much he ate--and how much more he wanted! Then again, he was eating for two now! He could easily see why she wanted a break; he was only in her body for a few minutes and wanted out!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Fairy Godmother

At first, Ian thought he had the worst, ditsiest fairy godmother in the world. He had wished to go to the big party in town, but his parents had grounded him. She offered him a way to go, even promising that no one would recognize him while he was out of the house. He was ecstatic...until she went to work. Her idea of a disguise was transforming him into a woman! There was no way Lindsey or Kelly would make out with him looking like this. But then the hormones of his new body started to take over, and he smiled. Sure, he wouldn't be able to make out with the girls, but he suddenly got excited about making out with the guys. Maybe his fairy godmother wasn't so bad after all.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Martin gasped as he turned to look in the mirror. A face stared back at him that was absolutely stunning. He could feel his heart beat faster, which made him quite aware of the large breast slightly moving on his chest. He slipped down the pink top he now wore, absolutely curious about his new body.