Monday, May 27, 2013


Submitted by Akira
Mark's life had been ruined due to recession and having lost his work, money and family. Mark was in stuck in a pit of despair.

Whilst going through the town center, Mark had aimlessly walked into a store where he meet an old lady who gave him a pendant that will allow him to get a better life. As Mark left the store, he encountered two girls who were lost and came up to him to ask for directions. Mark noticed how cute the girl on the left was and suddenly a bright flashed occurred transferring his spirit into the girl.
People began to panic as his former body collapse and lost all sign of life, freaked out at the sudden body transfer, Mark ran home (to the girls home) and instinctively grabbed a nearby doll. A minute later he felt a jolt of electricity as the girl spirit was sucked from the body and then trapped within the doll.

The body then eased up and every inch of his new body felt like his own. Mark then thought 'This is my chance! I can start over!'

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