Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Megyn and Amber walked into their dorm to find their third roommate (and total BFF) Caitlin standing there. Caitlin stood there wearing a pink top but had an uncharacteristic slouch. She greeted her two friends with a nod and a "'Sup, Dudes?"

Amber gave Caitlin an odd look and asked if she was feeling okay. She really wasn't acting very much like herself. Caitlin straightened her back and smiled, "I'm good."

What neither Amber or Megyn realized was that Caitlin wasn't really Caitlin. Thanks to a weird experiment in her psychology class, she had switched bodies with Tony. Whereas Caitlin was about as feminine and girlie as a woman could be; Tony was the epitome of masculinity. Being trapped in Caitlin's body was quite difficult for him, but he was going to have to do his best at acting like her until they switched back.

All he really wanted to do was pound back a beer, play some Xbox, and chill. But Megyn and Amber were starting to pressure him to go shopping.

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