Monday, September 30, 2013


Sure, Richard was a little shocked by the Great Shift. Everyone was nearly frozen with fear when they suddenly found themselves swapped into a different body. Richard was no exception when he found himself in the body of child in a ballet class. But then things got REALLY weird. Unlike everyone else effected by the Shift, he quickly started aging, ultimately turning into a full grown woman. Oddly enough, the ballet outfit grew with him, thankfully; though he certainly looked silly as a grown woman wearing an outfit intended for a child. He was also thankful that he wouldn't have to do through puberty again, but he was wondering why he was the only one who seemed to magically age.

Friday, September 27, 2013


Gavin and Rodrigo were preparing for their first ever party in their off-campus apartment when a strange light engulfed their home and they were swapped into the bodies of the two women who lived on the floor below them. Both were pretty shocked, but neither wanted it to screw up their party. After putting some finishing touched on the apartment, the guys got ready. Gavin threw on an old sweatshirt, but Rodrigo went all out. He wore a stunning black dress to show off his new body. Gavin was a little suspicious, but decided to overlook it for now...the first guest was here!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Monday morning (Part 2)

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In light of the recent body swapping, Ed insisted on sending Gus and Rebecca home for the day. Rebecca was far too dedicated and tried to insist on staying, but after they heard reports on the radio about how widespread the event was, they all decided there probably wouldn't be anyone buying houses today. In fact, they were all a little worried that they might not be selling any houses for quite a while. Ed tried his best to comfort Gus and Rebecca. He told them he'd still be paying them a base salary, enough to get them through any downturn. They left still a little worried, but reassured by Ed's promises. Ed stuck around in the office a little while longer. He was happy to be all alone with his fabulous new body. While he certainly couldn't wait to take advantage of having this new body while trying to sell houses, for now he'd just be taking advantage of having this body.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Statistically unlikely

It had been about five years since the Great Shift. It had seemed statistically unlikely, but all of Fred's closet male friends had swapped with women. Fred, too, had become a woman thanks to the Shift. They had all adapted to their feminine roles quite well. In fact, it was Fred who had the hardest time with it. All the others had gotten married and become pregnant. Fred was a few months behind them. He had finally accepted he was a woman now and finally settled down. He'd be joining his friends in motherhood soon enough.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


John returned to his home after a fairly intense workout. He had forgotten to bring water along, so he went into the fridge and grabbed the first thing he saw and chugged it. As soon as he did, his body instantly transformed into a woman. He didn't know what exactly was in the bottle. His wife must have picked up whatever it was somewhere. He'd just have to wait for her to get home, so he could try to figure out what the heck he drank and (hopefully) how to solve this.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday morning (Part 1)

After a slow weekend, the small real estate office opened its doors on Monday morning when Ed arrived to unlock them. Ed was a gray haired man who had started the company in his youth. He was always the first arrive and last to leave. Rebecca usually arrived shortly thereafter. Ed always thought the attractive brunette could use her sexy body and sell a house without saying a word. Of course, her dedication and hard work allowed her to excel in the field. Meanwhile, Gus always arrived a little late. He could get away with it with his smooth talk. The three hadn't even received a call when it happened. A strange light that engulfed all three, swapping their bodies. Each of them were shocked to find themselves in the other's body. Rebecca was terrified to be in Gus's body. She had become a man! Gus was weirded out by being in Ed's body; he certainly didn't want to be old. While Ed was shocked to be in Rebecca's body, he instantly recognized the advantages of being a young, attractive female. However, he kept any joy he might have well hidden.

Friday, September 20, 2013


Once Max realized what had happened, he made a face. He couldn't believe he had swapped bodies with some chick! Sure, she was hot (thank goodness for small favors -- he'd hate to think of how he would feel if he was ugly), but he still didn't like the idea of being a woman. He was a dude! He didn't want to have to feel these bouncing orbs on his chest or this strange void between his legs. And, God, he'd have to wear a bra now! And he'd be getting a period before a month was up. He didn't like the idea of this at all!

Thursday, September 19, 2013


After an exhausting week at work, David spent most of Saturday sleeping on his hammock in the backyard. At about 3 o'clock, he heard a nagging voice.

It whined, "Daaaaad!"

David assumed it was his daughter as it had her intonations, but the voice had seemed much too deep. He reluctantly flipped around and opened his eyes to see his own body standing there. He looked down to confirm what he now already suspected. He had swapped bodies with his daughter!

Or was this a dream? Maybe he was having a nightmare. That would be the cliché, right? He tried to think back if he had yelled at her for staying out late or dressing provocatively. If she had shot back that she was now eighteen and that he couldn't tell him what to do anymore. He couldn't remember a single incident like that. He got along great with his daughter.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Out of phase

When astronomers discovered the object, there was panic. It appeared to be a minute black hole in the sky that was capable of moving, and it appeared to be moving at a rapid rate in the direction of Earth! As time passed, and the trajectory was more closely pinpointed, they downgraded the panic to "near miss." Still, even with the possibility of the object passing a few light years away from the solar system, scientists warned there could be some strange consequences on our planet.

And strange things did happen when the object was at its closest.

Jim was walking outside when he suddenly saw what appeared to be his own body walking ahead of his. There was another copy of him a few feet back as well. Soon enough there were thousands of him walking in a line, and he felt like he occupied each of those bodies at the same time. Then the bodies changed, it was thousands of different people, and he once again occupied them all simultaneously. Just as he thought his mind could no longer handle it, the number of bodies condensed back to three -- but not three of his body. They were three copies of one of the other people on the line, a young blond woman in a leather jacket.

He still felt in control of all three bodies. The only difference was timing. One would do an action first, followed by another a little later, and the third would then repeat the action at an equal interval. It was confusing to wrap his minds around. He was longer concerned about getting back to his own male body; now, he was just concerned to getting back to a singular body!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

As advertised

A few weeks ago, Carl had received an odd mailer that advertised body swapping. Inside the catalog were pictures of various women and men. It seemed a little odd, but he was tempted enough to select a picture and send a check. Delivery was promised in 4-8 weeks. Sure enough, about a month later, Carl woke up with a woman's body. He looked down. The body was just as skinny and pretty as advertised. His only possible complaint might the size of his breasts. He could've sworn they were bigger in the catalog.

Monday, September 16, 2013

What he always wanted.

Chris had dreamed about this for years. He had been obsessed with the idea of becoming a woman, and not just any woman, he dreamed of swapping bodies with his friend, Lauren. It was probably one in a billion shot that when the Great Shift hit, it caused him to become her. It was an incredible dream come true. However, there was also a bit of a let down. He wanted to appreciate the fact that he was now in her body, but he missed the longing. He looked down. His deepest desire had been granted, and now he was left with nothing to dream about.

Friday, September 13, 2013

From strange to stranger (Part 5)

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William was completely terrified. If the genie in his body told him to do anything, he HAD to do it. He was still trying to grasp this thought when she spoke up.

"I'm going to see what the outside world is like. You stay here. I'll be back." She told him.

"You're leaving me alone like this?" William seemed a little panicked to be by himself. He knew he would have to obey the command of staying, but it still made him uncomfortable to be alone.

The genie sighed, "I see you picked that up as well. Genies have a natural fear of loneliness, but it will be good for you."

And with that, she went outside, leaving William. He was scared at first, even more afraid than he was due to the body swap. He didn't like being alone, but then he started exploring his new body. He had to admit, it was a hot body. Plus, he was now magical -- if he could figure out how to use the magic.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Miss Parker

The first night after the Great Shift, many were hopeful that someone would find a way to reverse the Shift or that things would just sort of fix on their own after a certain amount of time. Aiden certainly hoped so. He felt very awkward in Miss Parker's body. Sure, she was one of the youngest teachers at his school, but she was still a teacher and still a woman! In this new body, it meant that Aiden skipped his college years. It also meant he was adjusting to clumsily walk in heels and the awkwardness of wearing a tight short skirt. As the days passed, he became less and less hopeful he'd ever get back to his own body and became more and more comfortable with the fact that he was going to be in Miss Parker's body forever.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Many television stations rushed to report on the Great Shift as soon as they could. With newsrooms in chaos, it often proved to be difficult. Years later, many people often wondered what the very first newscast was. It turned out, the very first had already become a big of a viral hit on the internet. There were a few stations broadcasting their regular local news at the time. Many finding themselves in the body of a news anchor simply froze up, but not all.

The woman only paused for a moment. She was midsentence and started blurting out uncensored obscenity, "What the f*ck? What the f*ck is going on? Where am I? Why are all the words -- I can't make anything out? What language is that? Holy sh*t! Why do I have boobs? I'm a chick? Why am I suddenly a f*ckin' chick?"

It wasn't exactly good reporting, but people who saw it knew they weren't alone in their sudden body swapping.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Everyone at the laundromat was puzzled when a fairly attractive woman wearing a sheer skirt and high heels walked in, opened a dryer, and attempted to fit inside. The woman seemed puzzled by the mere fact that she didn't fit inside. Of course, an hour ago, she hadn't been a woman. She had been a man named Jack. He was just minding his business when a strange portal appeared. Out of curiosity, he entered. The portal led to this dryer in this laundromat in this alternate universe. As soon as Jack entered the portal as himself in his own universe, he exited the portal as this woman in this one. He had walked around outside for a little while before deciding he wanted to get back. What he didn't realize was the portal never stayed in one spot for very long, and it had moved on from the laundromat a while ago. Unless he could find it again, he'd be stuck in this new body and in this new universe.

Monday, September 9, 2013


A little bit of concentration and a little of meditation. That's all it took for Stephen to be able to take control of Lisa's body. He figured it would be just as easy to get back. He hesitated at first. He actually enjoyed being in her body, but he ultimately decided he better get back to his own body. However, concentration proved to be difficult to come by. Lisa's attractive body was the first distraction. She just didn't seem to have the same zen he had, making it difficult as well. He still kept trying.

Friday, September 6, 2013


Just a few hours ago, Andy had slipped a small microchip into one of Danielle's favorite hats, which so ironically read "OBEY" across the front. He waited by a large machine back at his house until a light indicated she was wearing the hat. Then he strapped himself in, and soon his consciousness was wirelessly transmitted across town. He was now in complete control of Danielle's body. He couldn't believe how sexy she was -- how sexy he was until he took off the hat. That was, of course, the one limitation. Once he took off the hat, his joyride in Danielle's body would be over. He began to postulate alternate places for the microchip. Maybe in a barrette or a necklace. Or perhaps somehow attached to her glasses. If he developed such a device while still wearing the hat, he might never have to leave Danielle's body. He couldn't be truly sexy wearing a baseball cap, right? He needed to work this out now!

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Malcolm didn't know the woman he swapped with during the Great Shift. He didn't know her name, where she lived, or who any of her friends were. She had no purse or ID with her at the time of the incident. The only things he knew about her were what he was able to figure out from her body alone. For instance, he knew she was flexible...very flexible. It was certainly one of the many joys he took from being in this body.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Emergency room

Walter had injured his foot while horsing around with some of his friends. He had waited a long time to see a doctor, but he wasn't even diagnosed before his physician had run off to an emergency. The doctor did accidentally leave some pills behind. Walter popped one and felt instantly better. He soon found himself popping a second and a third. Then the pills started to change him. He was transforming into a woman! Still, he couldn't help but pop a few more pills. He stole a nurse's uniform to cover his newly feminine body. However, as he downed a few more pills, his breasts started to grow outward, bursting free of the uniform. He had more problems now than when he came in, but at least his foot wasn't hurting anymore!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Nine (Part 2)

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The engineers fired up their machine yet again; this time they'd be transforming what they were wearing. Once again, each of the men picked something remarkably similar. All of them opted for a short-styled dress along with some black heeled ankle boots. One of the men turned woman quickly postulated a theory that their teamwork may be more than a mere desire to pursue the science of transformation. The others just didn't care; they were simply pleased with the changed.

Monday, September 2, 2013

From strange to stranger (Part 4)

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"Don't worry. I'll be a good Master." The genie assured William, though he was a little skeptical.

"What does that mean? Do I lose all free will?" William asked.

"Of course you do! You have to do anything I say and grant any wishes I make, but as long as I'm not asking anything of you or wishing anything, you can do anything you want. You can even use my magic once you get the hang of it."

"I'm honestly not sure how I granted that last wish. It just sort of happened, but I didn't feel anything."

"Don't worry. You'll figure it out. Now dance for me!"

"What?" William asked, a little taken aback by the sudden request, but he soon found himself unable to control his body as he started to dance. He was in total shock and screamed, "Why am I doing this!?"

"I told you. You have to do anything I say. I'm sorry. I've just never been on this side of things before. That was a little mean of me, I suppose."

"Well, then, can I please stop!?"

"Oh, yes, sorry."