Friday, March 29, 2013


Marvin had never understood why Mary wore such stuffy shirts and long, conservative skirts. She was a total hottie, or at least she would be if she showed off from time to time. Of course, now that he was the one in her body, he could dress it any way he wanted! Before raiding her closet, he thought he'd get a better look at his new goods in the mirror. Sure enough, she was fine! he removed the frumpy blouse and couldn't believe the grandma bra she was wearing! Didn't this woman at least own some sexy underwear? He quickly went to examine, and she apparently did not! Marvin knew that there was only one solution here: a trip to the mall!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pushing hard (Part 1)

Julian's first assumption was that he had just pushed himself too hard at the gym, causing him to pass out. He couldn't be more wrong. While he had been pushing hard while working out, his disorientation was related to a ripple throughout the Earth that would come to be known as The Great Shift. The dramatic event caused 99% of the world's population to switch bodies. Julian was no exception to this when he switches bodies with Veronica, a woman who also went to his gym. As he first started to pull himself up off the floor, he was still working from the theory that he had passed out from his exercise. While his body felt strange, it wasn't the feeling of aches he would usually get from such a regiment. It was more of a feeling of unfamiliarity, and that puzzled him. But the realization of his new form slowly started to sink in as the feelings started to become more apparent coupled with the sight of his new body!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


When Coach Thomas Holt announced a two month medical leave, the students in his gym classes started gosssiping. Of course, all the tall tales paled in comparison to reality. When Coach Holt finally returned to the school eight weeks later, everyone was shocked. The once muscular bound man was now a tall, attractive woman. There were so many questions. No one had suspected he was a transsexual, and even if he was, this was certainly not a normal sex change surgery. After all, his body was completely different. Thomas eventually explained it all. His tough masculine exterior had been a fascade. In reality, he did desire to be female, but he knew conventional reassignment surgery wouldn't cut it. He signed up for an experimental procedure where they actually placed his brain inside of a new body.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Stick in the mud

"Why the heck are you being such a sour puss, Greg? We've got these hot bodies; we don't have to pay for drinks, because guys are buying them for us; and plus, if we want to see boobs, we can just go into the bathroom and rip our tops off!" Marty told his friend.

"It just doesn't feel right," Mumbled Greg, "I mean, you just used that body switcher on those four women without their permission! Heck, you didn't ask any of us either! You just assumed! Maybe some of us didn't want to be women!"

"Stop being such a stick in the mud and try to have a good time, man!"

Monday, March 25, 2013

Girls' Locker Room (Part 3)

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It didn't take very long for Brian's innocent and sexy technique to convince Nancy that he wasn't responsible for the bodyswapping. But he found that once he turned on his seductive side, it was very hard to turn it off. He got it in his head that this was his big chance to score with his crush. After all, he wouldn't have to fear her rejecting him because he was her! And certainly, she had to feel his hormones, right? So she'd obviously be down. As he started to strip, she stopped him cold.

"What are you doing?" She screamed, "I hope that's not how you plan on treating my body!"

Brian blushed, and he soon felt the pain of rejection. He may have been in the most gorgeous body he could imagine, but he still felt like such a loser in that moment.

Friday, March 22, 2013


It was an odd curse to say the least. Charles had discovered the magic that hung over him by accident after a trip to the mall. He was looking to pick up some new boots, and found that when he tried a pair on, he'd change into a completely different person. It would last for a few hours before he changed shoes or turned back into himself. For years, he found he would turn into all sorts of different men on his shopping trips, but on one fateful day he was hit by a hint of curiosity -- what if he tried on women's shoes? Would he change into a woman? He just had to try. It was awkward picking out the first pair. It seemed the whole store was staring at the dude looking at women's shoes. But then he built up the courage to put a pair on his feet and sure enough, he turned into a woman! He then went crazy, trying on all sorts of different heels, boots, and sandals. Ultimately, he settled on just a pink pair of heels for now. As long as he was a woman, he decided to refer to himself as "Anna" instead of Charles; it just felt right. He wondered how long he'd be transformed for this time; he certainly hoped it would be a while, but when he finally did change back, he'd just return and try on some more!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Needlessly complex plan

Wilber had developed the body swapping ray with one very specific purpose in mind -- to switch with an incredibly hot woman. There was only one problem; he didn't know any hot women! Sure, he saw them on television and in magazines, but he couldn't even remember the last time he saw one in real life. But he soon developed a needlessly complex plan to deal with this. First, he used the ray to switch bodies with his friend Taylor. Taylor was a bit of a nerd (like himself), and she wasn't the hottest woman in the world. But he figured she had friends and that after he swapped with her, he could swap with one of them. Eventually, he'd chain up to hotter and hotter women.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Robotic (Part 6)

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George was trying to do his best to hide his rage. Now that he was aware of who he really was again and everything that had brought him to this place, he didn't want to risk getting reprogrammed back into a submissive role. Instead, he would bide his time by pretending. He'd still act like the calm and obedient Georgina that they expected. Then when their guard was down, that's when he'd escape. As the lab technicians spoke with the woman his robotic form had been modeled after, he held his head downward to feign this submission and hide his sulking. He began calculating his full plan in his head.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A long time

The change happened to Bryan slowly over the course of a year. It had been such a slow process that he hardly even realized it was happening. It had started with some weight loss, but the large burly man didn't find anything wrong with losing a few pounds -- even if it did mean a whole new wardrobe. But after many more pounds and plenty of clothes, something should've tipped him off. He was probably in denial; he was probably still in denial when his chest got slightly fleshier, slowly growing two very nice breasts from his hairy chest. When his genitalia had shrunken to about half their size, that's when he finally figured it out. He was becoming a woman. He began to embrace it. He started to buy more feminine clothes. He accepted that his penis was gone and replaced with a vagina. The only thing he still held onto was his facial and body hair. He thought about shaving it off, but he figured it would be like everything else. It would probably soon thin until it went away. He just wanted to enjoy the last bit of his fleeting manhood for as long as possible

Monday, March 18, 2013

Part of your world (Part 3)

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Chris dove into the water, and he was amazed by how he body was able to move. He had been a good swimmer before, but it was nothing like this! He was so deft; he didn't even need his hands. His tail was doing most of the work, meaning he could feel up how soft his skin was -- well, at least on the top half until it got scaly down below. Breathing felt a little weird, since needing air was apparently no longer an issue for him. He began to wonder if mermaids had cities underwater to visit or anything like that. But he had to pull himself back from being too curious. He may have been reveling in this experience, but he certainly didn't want to be like this forever!

Friday, March 15, 2013

What the hell!?

Devin looked down in horror as his plaid shirt started to appear to inflate. It wasn't long before he realized the obvious -- he was growing boobs! But the changes didn't stop there, his hair grew rapidly and lightened. His features softened. The strangest of all was the feeling in between his legs.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Car trip

Max hated going on long car trips with his family, especially when his aunt came along. She was always fairly obnoxious and the fact that she brought her dog along often made it worse. This time, he had a plan in advance to deal with the annoyance. Thanks to a little magic he found on the internet, he simply snapped his fingers and whoosh, he had swapped bodies with her. Now in his body, his aunt was at a loss for words. And, honestly, he was just glad that she'd be quiet for the entire trip.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Valentines Sweet Heart

Submitted by Hikari.
Cindy had forgotten to get her boyfriend a present for Valentines again and had instead dressed up in thigh high socks, a cute maid dress, animal ear headbands, and pigtails in an attempt try to cheer him up.

However, he was still unsatisfied, which lead to Cindy to offer anything he wanted to cheer him up. He asked for her body.

Just when Cindy thought her boyfriend was requesting for sex, she soon found herself looking at her own body. Although shocked, her boyfriend literally had taken her body as his replacement gift. Cindy was happy to have given him something he likes.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Best friends (Conclusion)

Submitted by Hikari
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Gigi left with Alex's body to study the arts of switching bodies in hopes of changing back had finally returned three years later to claim her rightful body back.

However, upon finding finding her body she was shocked to see it carrying a child! Alex had spent all his time living his life in Gigi body, haf gotten married, and settled in. Upon realising how happy the new Gigi and her family was, Gigi could not bare taking her body back and instead accepted her fate.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Ruins (Part 12)

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Rob was awoken by the landing of the plane. The dream of being back in his own body had been so clear that he had almost forgotten that he was no longer himself. As he noticed his soft feminine hands, it all came back to him. She had given him some basic details about her life -- his life now --, but there was so much he knew he'd just have to find out. In about an hour, he'd be seeing her house for the first time -- his house now. He wondered what was in store for him.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Part of your world (Part 2)

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Chris was completely taken aback byt he fact that he was now a woman, but when he looked down at his feet, he was in for an even bigger shock. Instead of feet, he now had a long scaled fish tail. The woman in the waves wasn't a woman at all -- she was a mermaid! Chris couldn't even fathom this. He was sure mermaids didn't exist; of course, he was also sure body swapping wasn't possible. However, it seemed like the evidence of both was right in front of him now! He was thankful that he was able to breathe air, but he wouldn't be able to make it far without feet. He guessed he only had one option for now, and that was to explore the ocean.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Carl was a very religious man with a secret. While he would go to church every week, after praying for the poor, the oppressed, and the unfortunate, he'd always add a selfish line for his own desire. It was always the same request; he would ask God to turn him into a woman. One week, it seemed, God complied. Carl was more than a little shocked when it actually happened, but it wasn't just the transformation that stunned him, it was the type of woman he transformed into. She wore tight pants and a see-through top. He couldn't imagine this life would be anything like his own, but maybe that was the point!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Public drunkenness

Oliver pressed himself up to the side of his cell when he saw Katie walk in. She walked over and looked at him with disapproval.

"When I agreed to switch bodies with you for the night, I never expected you to end up giving me a criminal record," She began, "Quite frankly, I'm not sure I want to switch back with you now."

"I don't want to switch back either!" He pleaded, "But don't worry about the charges. It was just public drunkenness, just a fine, nothing serious. I wasn't used to how easily your body got drunk. Plus, I felt so free, so alive! Being you just feels right. I don't want to go back to my old body, my old life, my old dead end job. I want to stay as you, and I hope, based on what you just said, that you'd like to stay as me too!"

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Every night, Frank could hear the enthusiastic shouts of his the young couple next door. He knew what they were doing; they never closed the curtain during their love making. Frank was a little more than jealous. He hadn't gotten laid in over two years. He began researching online and found a spell to swap bodies. His plan was simple: swap bodies with the guy next door and screw his hot wife every night. Of course, it didn't quite go as planned. He could immediately tell as he laid on the floor that  he screwed something up. His body felt very strange -- softer, curvier. He had accidentally switched with the wife instead of the husband! Then his male neighbor opened the bathroom door buck naked ready for their nightly routine. Frank wasn't sure he wanted to go through with this, but he didn't want to arouse any suspicion about the body swap either...

Monday, March 4, 2013

Rushed to the mirror (Part 2)

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Michael spent a great deal of time playing with his new breasts, watching himself in the mirror. He found himself getting incredibly turned on and his nipples getting hard. It was hard for him to contain his pleasure. As his did this, his phone started ringing. He figured it was Miriam calling, but he had no desire to answer it right now. He was way too busy, and he knew she'd probably just be calling to yell about how he stole her body.

Friday, March 1, 2013


James was frantic as he noticed the changes coming over his body. He hands his hands up and down his new curves with his mind reeling about how it could be that he was transforming into a woman -- and a sexy one no less! Even his clothes were changing to match the beautiful shape of his new form!