Friday, November 26, 2010

English class

When Doug woke up in the body of his English teacher, Miss Clancey, he had assumed he was still dreaming. He waited in her bed for a bit before he realized that he wasn't going to wake up. Somehow he had swapped bodies with his teacher! Not really sure exactly what to do, he did his best to dress her body in a way that seemed teacher-like. He wasn't really sure how to do her job, so he did his best to stand in the front of the class and fake it. He didn't think any of the students really noticed, and if they did, it didn't seem like they cared.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Transformation Virus

Ever since the Transformation Virus was unleashed upon the world, precautions had to be taken when going outside to prevent one's body from changing. Gas masks used to stop the virus and protect a person from having their body randomly change. But the nanite-infused disease had mutated effecting everything it touched as long as a human body was nearby. Mark was the first victim of this latest strain. He had gone outside wearing his gas mask when the Transformation Virus first started attacking his skin and clothes. He fell down as his sneakers changed into giant platforms, and crawled to a nearby tree. He had trouble breathing as his body transformed around him. Breasts growing from his chest; hair sprouting from his head. He ultimately got pretty lucky. He merely changed into a rather gothic-looking female. He had heard stories of people getting transformed by the virus into some things that barely resembled a human...