Friday, May 10, 2013

Adrenaline (Part 1)

Harvey had been meaning to get some exercise for years now. It was probably over a decade now since his doctor had recommended it, but it was something he had known for far longer. But there was the birth of his son, long nights at the office to provide for his family, and countless obligations that kept him from working out. But now, with his wife's passing and his son's graduation from college, Harvey finally was able to find some time to exercise. He knew this first day would be slow, maybe just a brisk walk around the track at the local park. He could feel his heart ache from even the slightest uptick in effort. The pain seemed to fade away when he looked across the field to see another old man collapse. Then without even missing a beat, he was racing to help. His aches were no more and he was moving at a speed he hadn't hit since he was a young man. He had assumed it was some sort of altruistic adrenaline, but then he turned over the body of the old man to administer CPR. He was shocked to see the face looking back at him was his own. Shortly after, he became away of the body he now had. He was inside of a young person -- a young woman, in fact. He paused for a moment to contemplate the body swap but knew there was precious little time. He searched his own body for a cell phone. Without finding one, he started shouting for someone to dial 911.

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