Thursday, May 2, 2013

Part of your world (Part 6)

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Chris felt quite silly talking to a dolphin, but he really didn't have anyone else to speak with, so he continued on.

"Where is everyone?" He asked.

"Most of us are right around here." The dolphin replied.

Chris noticed he didn't see any other mermaids in sight, "I'm the only one, aren't I?"

"The only one? Kai, you know that you are...unless you've mated." The dolphin suddenly started to sound surprised, "You have! Haven't you!? It all makes sense now!"


"When a mermaid mates, she travels to the surface. She'll trick a human into it. During the process, the human switches bodies with the mermaid to carry the eggs to term. It all makes sense now! You're a humanin Kai's body! This is a glorious day."

"So...wait...I'm pregnant!?"

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