Friday, May 31, 2013


Jason would probably be pretty hesitant to admit it, but he had always thought that his sister Allison was hot. And after their father's wild invention swapped the siblings bodies, Jason found himself in a rather unique position. Here he was, one of the nerdiest guys in school, trapped inside his sister's body, arguably one of the hottest girls in school. It wasn't long before all sorts of ideas floated in his head. He started posing in front of the mirror wearing all sorts of her clothes. It wasn't long before he opted for revealing things like bikinis. He was starting to get a little turned on just looking at himself. There was just one problem, seeing his sister's face stare back at him. He just couldn't think of her in that way. Ultimately, he found a solution. Digging through the basement, he found one of his old Halloween costumes. It would be perfect. He placed the helmet on his head and checked himself out in the mirror. He could now look at his hot reflection without being reminded he was actually now his own sister. In fact, the Star Wars helmet actually made it a little hotter. A hot girl who also seemed like a nerd? Yeah, that was awesome! And that's who he was now!

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