Friday, April 26, 2013

Dog Days (Part 1)

Submitted by Will H.
This week is a very special week for dogs and their owners. It's the annual "Dog Days" event where several pet owners will trade bodies with their dogs, in order to experience how life would be like in each others places. In order to tell a apart a dog from another person though, its customary that the human body the dog is in to wear sandals to help with identification.

This is Rocky, a chocolate lab, in the body of his master, Jo. This is Rocky's first Dog Days and has already enjoyed the time he's had in Jo's body around town. He started out the day with a quick lesson from Jo's mother on how to behave properly outside. After being dropped off, Rocky found the human life was amazing as he walked around from shop to shop in his new body. Occasionally, he would be approached by teenage boys, only to have them back away after sighting his flip-flops. It was a fun experience for Rocky, maybe he could have another chance to switch with Jo before the Dog Days are over.


  1. good story, I like, really is a interesting body swap, maybe if you want, you can write a secuel of dog days, a husky (female) swap bodies with a jock human (male) in the same line of argument.

  2. Keep it up there needs to be more like this!