Monday, April 30, 2012


Teresa had been plotting her revenge on her ex-boyfriend Chet for months. She had found a spell on the internet months ago and had been stalking him waiting for the perfect opportunity. That moment came when Chet was visiting the beach, and he fell asleep. It was the perfect vulnerable moment. She chuckled as she watched his body transform. She was amazed that the spell even changed his clothes. This is what Chet would be like if he was born a woman. He had been such a womanizing jerk as a guy; it was no surprise that a female version of him would dress in such a skimpy bikini. She was surprised at how small his breasts were; she would've guessed a female Chet would've gotten implants. She wanted to stay and gloat, but she knew she didn't want to be there when he awoke. He would be upset; he would be angry.

Friday, April 27, 2012

New life

Bob could only surmise that he must have done something awesome at some point in his life, something to deserve the new body he had been blessed with. When he passed out, he thought his life was over and that he thought he was finally going to move on to the other side--if there was an "other side"--but he never expected to have his eyes open again. When they did, things were different. He was in a hotel room on a very high floor, but it wasn't the view of the city below that caught his eye, it was his new reflection in the glass. He was gorgeous, stunning--and a woman!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


When the Great Shift initially hit, Brian was excited. His firs look in the mirror, he was excited. His lifelong dream had come true! He was a woman! Sure, his breasts were small, but it was a minor concern. But then he noticed some pills on the counter. They were hormones. It was the small things he noticed first. His shoulders were just a little too broad, his jaw a little too square. He sat on the couch before he went to explore between his legs. It was still there! He was still a man! The Great Shift had given him a possibility to fulfill his dream so close, but that's it, just close. It wouldn't be too hard to take this lead from this body though. To have the surgery and become a full woman. He'd imagine because of many with shifted genders as a result of the Shift, they might not even ask any questions.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Devin looked over at his sister Shanice. She just had to be the one responsible for this whole body swapping thing; she just HAD to be! After all, he knew he didn't do it! She just looked too smug, a little too confident, and a little too comfortable. Devin knew he wasn't feeling comfortable in her body; that was for sure! Maybe he'd feel a little bit better once he got out of her heels and put on some looser clothes, but he still had this damned mess of hair to cope with!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


"Relax, Guys, Relax!" Max was trying to do his best to calm down his three buddies. He hadn't intended to use the MAU machine to turn them into women, but that wasn't the biggest problem. After using the machine to try to enhance his manhood, he discovered it was no longer working. This meant that he wouldn't be able to turn any of his friends back. He hadn't yet told them, and he had so far been preventing them from going down in his basement to try to use the device. They were getting a little irate.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Christmas Eve

Effie and Brad tried best to smile through Christmas Eve. Sure, the twins had switched bodies thanks to the Medallion of Zulu, but the holidays had been tough enough for the family this year. Shortly after the two had gone off to college, their parents got divorced. They all agreed they should still spend Christmas together, but the tension between their mom and dad was intense. Experimenting with the Medallion had been an escape, but it turned out to be just another thing to add stress. Both siblings just kept telling themselves that they could switch back in the morning.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Secret surprise

Todd had known Marie since elementary school. When she started getting into video games in high school, he thought it was pretty cool, but when she started getting into anime, cosplay, and D&D in college, he realized he was friends with a nerd. The worst part was that despite her interests, she was still pretty hot, and Todd had to confess to himself that he was interested in getting into her pants. One night when she called him to meet for secret, surprise reasons, he had hoped it was going to happen. He had mixed feelings about how she was dressed. On one hand, she was dressed up like a dorky anime character; on the other, she still looked damn fine. As he approached, before she even spoke a word, Marie shot a light in Todd's direction. He found himself where she had been standing, wearing her clothes, and in her body! Marie in Todd's body had quickly run off. This was not the kind of secret surprise he had hoped for!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Freak out

Though the Exchange Island brochure had warned him, Zach still screamed after feeling the transfer of his soul to a new body. What had really freaked him out was seeing his own body and seeing someone else in control of it. He just couldn't seem to help himself. Luckily, this wasn't an uncommon experience, and several members of the staff were trained to calm people like Zach down. It took him about fifteen minutes, but then the panic started to resurface when he realized he would be in the body of a woman for the duration of his trip.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


James had been worried about this moment ever since The Great Shift. He was worried kissing his wife just wouldn't feel the same now that he was in a woman's body. His wife was in a new body as well, but she was still a woman. It felt strange at first. He was hesitant. But after a few more moments, it felt familiar. It really wasn't any different than he remembered it. He knew his marriage could still work.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Best Man and Maid of Honor

In the days leading up to Brad and Jenny's wedding, everyone became sick and tired of hearing Frank, the Best Man, argue with Julie, the Maid of Honor. Brad and Jenny knew they had to do something to stop the bickering. Fortunately, a quick bodyswap spell and a threat to not switch them back unless they behaved themselves brought the two into quick agreement. By the day of the wedding, the pair were doing their best with fake smiles as they walked down the aisle right before the bride and groom. However, with the chaos of the reception, Brad and Jenny weren't able to switch Frank and Julie back before their honeymoon. They'd be stuck in each other's bodies for the next two weeks!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Would they?

Both Kirk and Trisha did their best to smile. They had miscalculated the Medallon of Zulu's twelve hour window and were forced to go out before it was up. It would be another two hours before they could switch back to their own bodies. Neither wanted to let anyone know the sorts of things they had been experimenting with. Each of them had been so curious about life on the other side of the gender fence, but even that curiosity could kill their respective images. Kirk was a manly football player with major endorsements; what would people think if they knew he wanted to feel what it was like to be a sort, beautiful woman? Trisha was a fashion icon; the idea of her going out in drab men's clothing would've killed her career. Though it's not like anyone would believe a crazy thing like bodyswapping anyway, would they?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Break

Nobody anticipated that Exchange Island would be a popular destination for Spring Break, but college students looking for a truly different experience started talking on the internet in the winter and the place was booming just a few weeks later. Due to sheer numbers, most students ended up swapping with other students (though a few lucky older guests found themselves in young bodies and a few unlucky students found themselves in older bodies). Jimmy and Shanice both went to USCLA, but didn't meet until they swapped bodies at Exchange Island. The two became fast friends and even ended up fooling around as the week progressed. But it ended with truly scary consequences. They had gotten Shanice's body pregnant, which meant that they couldn't switch back after the week was over! Jimmy and Shanice would be stuck in each other's bodies!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


"Don't worry, Mark, despite what you may look like, you are still a man at heart." Mark's mom told him as she adjusted his tie, "Your father and I were worried about you when you hit puberty, and you're body started changing in ways we didn't expect. The doctors said it was the first spontaneous gender change they had ever seen; it's apparently something in the genetics of your father and I."

Mark sighed, "Thanks mom. I just wish the school didn't have a dress code requiring girls to wear skirts!"

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


It had taken quite a while for Derek to talk his girlfriend Natalie into experimenting with a three-way. It had taken just a little bit longer for him to convince their friend Emily to be the third. Tonight had been the night planned for the event, but before they could get started something truly strange happened. It had felt like a small earthquake, and in the next moment, they were all in each other's bodies! Natalie was now in Emily's body; she was just so shocked. Derek was now in Natalie's body; he stared skeptically at his former body, wondering if one of the girls was responsible for this whole body swapping thing. Emily smiled from Derek's body; she hoped the three-way would still go on as planned, and she was certainly looking forward to the experience from a male perspective.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


The Great Shift resulted in more than a few stories of heartbreak. Many people were just unable to handle the changes to their own bodies or changes to those they had committed to, but not all tales were so sad. Mindy and Carl, for instance, stayed together despite them both now being women. It had actually made them closer. They were able to share clothes and understand each other better. Attending a wedding of a friend, they were still the envy of many couples for the strength of their relationship.

Monday, April 9, 2012

The plan

"Hey! It was a great plan!" Paul exclaimed, "Don't knock the plan!"

"Right, it WAS a great plan!" Brad huffed, "If only it worked as it should have! I wanted to go out on a date with Kathy, so you used that magic spell to possess her best friend to encourage her. She still seemed reluctant, so you had me possess her. Then you were going to use the spell again to possess me, ask me in Kathy's body out, I would agree, and then she'd still have the memory of agreeing to the date once we were all back to our own bodies. The problem, of course, is that once we possessed these bodies, we couldn't seem to unpossess them! I'm not knocking the plan; I'm knocking that fact that were stuck as chicks!"

Friday, April 6, 2012

I could really get used to this

The first morning after the Great Shift, Todd awoke with a smile. He chirped aloud, "I could really get used to this!"

Just two days ago, Todd had been one of the biggest geeks on campus. His acne covered face was often hidden in a science book. He hid away from the quad and instead spent most of his time in the library. But today, he was digging through a closet full of clothes. Thanks to the Great Shift, his body had been swapped with someone else. He had an entirely new life. He looked at his new reflection in the mirror and smiled at the stunning blond woman that would now look back at him from now on. He not only had brains but beauty as well. He repeated his earlier line, "I could REALLY get used to this!"

Thursday, April 5, 2012


It had been a rough few days for Dae Won and his daughter Kim after the two had swapped bodies. Kim certainly didn't like being in her elderly father's body, and Dae Won had plenty of qualms about being a young woman.

"Do your legs always hurt this much?" He whined.

"Have you been wearing my heels?" She replied.

"No. They pinch my feet."

"They may hurt your feet, but my legs are used to them. Those flat shoes you've been wearing are no good for me, Dad!"

He sighed and hoped they found a way to swap back soon.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Kip and his sister, Tiffany, had both laughed the witch off when she said she would curse them. After all, curses didn't exist. It was a week later, and it seemed nothing had happened. Both had completely forgotten about it. Until Kip suddenly found himself in a strange place. He felt strange too. At first, he couldn't quite place it. Then he looked down. He was wearing a dress, and he had breasts! He was in his sister's body! The curse must've caused them to switch bodies somehow! Now he was at the yacht club in her body! Yikes! He paused. He could get through this. He just needed to find a phone, call his sister, and together they'd find that witch and get her to reverse this!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Itsy bitsy teenie weenie...

Dave looked down. This wasn't right. This wasn't right at all! He should be seeing a flat, hairy chest--his flat hairy chest. Instead, there were breasts! Breasts covered only by an itsy bitsy polka dot biniki! He moved his hand toward it, tugging at the fabric and feeling that the orbs of flesh were all too real at the same time! Plus, the hands were so small..with painted nails! Painted nails! This was all wrong!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Senior citizen to senior in high school

Lawrence was a little unsure of what to do with himself at first. Thanks to the Great Shift, he had gone from being a senior citizen to a senior in high school--and a female one half way across the world at that! He hadn't really thought about what to do with his newfound youth yet--for the time being, he just figured he'd enjoy it!