Tuesday, April 30, 2013


A sudden wooziness fell over Brian. He held his head down in attempt to clear it, but he ended up in shock from what he saw. He clearly recognized what was right in front of him. It was his girlfriend's breasts. The question was why was he seeing them when he looked down!? Why were they hanging from his chest? It just wasn't her breasts either; he had her entire body! What was going on here?

Monday, April 29, 2013


Richard waited until Julia was asleep to test out his invention. He tipped her head to the side and placed a small microchip in her ear. Then he'd travel back to his lab to activate it. He sat down in the chair and took a deep breath as he turned it on. His body jolted and soon the machine started transitting his thoughts in Julia's body. While, technically, he was still sitting in a chair in the lab, the stimulations from Julia's senses were being pumped into his head. It was like he was her, and he was totally enjoying this.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Dog Days (Part 1)

Submitted by Will H.
This week is a very special week for dogs and their owners. It's the annual "Dog Days" event where several pet owners will trade bodies with their dogs, in order to experience how life would be like in each others places. In order to tell a apart a dog from another person though, its customary that the human body the dog is in to wear sandals to help with identification.

This is Rocky, a chocolate lab, in the body of his master, Jo. This is Rocky's first Dog Days and has already enjoyed the time he's had in Jo's body around town. He started out the day with a quick lesson from Jo's mother on how to behave properly outside. After being dropped off, Rocky found the human life was amazing as he walked around from shop to shop in his new body. Occasionally, he would be approached by teenage boys, only to have them back away after sighting his flip-flops. It was a fun experience for Rocky, maybe he could have another chance to switch with Jo before the Dog Days are over.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Steven had always valued his intellect. It was one of the few things he had going for him. In fact, it was this intelligence that had allowed him to invent the body switcher in the first place. It took him no time to calculate the most logical person for him to swap with: Brittany. She was gorgeous. He knew that with her looks and his brains, he'd be unstoppable. Sure, she might be a little upset, but it was an acceptable collateral damage. However, after a few days in her body, he realized he must have made a miscalculation with the swap; he was clearly getting dumber. He felt like an airhead. Things that had been quite easy before now seemed like super impossible. He couldn't even figure out how to work the body switcher in order to switch back!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Girls' locker room (Part 4)

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Feeling like he had just humiliated himself, Brian dressed himself in Nancy's clothes as quickly as he could. Due to the chaos caused by the massive amount of body swapping throughout the school, classes were canceled for the rest of the day and students were sent home. Brian sulked most of his way home. He was greeted by his father when he finally arrived -- or rather, the person in his father's body, which happened to be his sister. She laughed when she saw Brian in Nancy's body. He laughter gave way to comfort, as she offered to let Brian raid her wardrobe, saying it would certainly fit his current body better than hers. Opening up his sister's closets was like a dream come true for Brian. He was getting excited just looking at all the dresses and skirt and...oh...my...God...the shoes!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Part of your world (Part 5)

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Just as Chris got ready to give up his search for anything intelligent under the ocean, he heard a voice -- high pitched and squeaky. He couldn't see another mermaid anywhere nearby. Then he heard it again.

"Kai, you look like you've seen a ghost! Are you quite all right?"

It suddenly dawned on him that the dolphins were talking to him. He could understand dolphins! Things were just going from weird to weirder! At least he wouldn't be without company.

"I'm okay. I just feel...not myself today." He replied to the dolphin.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Transformation virus (Part 2)

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One of the few benefits of being infected by the Transformation Virus was that you couldn't get it twice, which meant Mark was quite free to run around now without wearing a gas mask or other protective gear. He thought it would be pretty easy to ditch the goth gear and live life as a rather ordinary woman. However, after a trip to the mall, he found that he had been drawn to purchase nothing but sexy gothic wear. In fact, what he ended up buying might have even been more revealing than the clothes he wound up wearing in the original transformation. The virus must have had an affect on his mind as well as his body! While he realized he couldn't do anything to fight his new desires, he also knew he was fortunate enough to actual realize it!

Friday, April 19, 2013


Leon had been on the crowded streets of New York City when the Great Shift struck. The former 20 year old male was now in the body of a 40 year old Asian woman. He tried calling a few people on the woman's cell, but the lines were all tied up -- he could only imagine the number of people dialing someone else in confusion and fear. He just started following others to where groups of people were starting to assemble. No one had any answers at this point, but Leon hoped to find a way back to his own body or at least get the 20 years of life he lost back!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Snap him out of it

Kelly had been dating her boyfriend for about two years. In recent weeks, he had grown distant and unappreciative of her. She took drastic measures. She wanted him to understand her better, and so she hypnotized him so that he thought he was her. It started out as a few minutes at a time, then a few hours. And it seemed to be working. Even when he wasn't in a trance, he treated her better and was more attentive to her needs. However, one day after putting him under, she couldn't get him out of his hypnotized state. He awoke still thinking he was Kelly. He immediately stripped out of his jeans and sneakers and changed into one of her dresses and a pair of heels. As time passed, he no longer shaved his face, simply out of the belief that he thought he didn't need to. Kelly needed to figure out a way to snap him out of this!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Gene knew it was probably arrogant to gloat about his new invention, but it really was quite brilliant. He had transfered all of Angela's memories, emotions, and thoughts onto tape, leaving her mind blank. Then it was easy as pie to transfer the contents of his own mind into her body. He pondered if he should place her in a new body, put her into his old body, or simply take a magnet and wipe her out of existence.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A man of science

Bill had considered himself a man of science, even if worked in IT by trade. On a vacation to Egypt he considered it to be quite a score to discover a weird artifact buried in the sand. Once he brought it back with him to the states, he used the internet to decipher the hieroglyphics on it. From what he could tell, it was a curse of some sort to not remove the artifact from its home. He laughed it off. Curses! Of course, when he awoke the next morning with a woman's body, he had no scientific explanation. He started to wonder if there was maybe something to that curse! Then again, he couldn't imagine this body being a curse! Luckily, his IT job was home-based, so he didn't have to worry about anyone seeing him. The next day, things got worse. He found that he had grown a tail! He craved milk and fish. Plus, he had apparently turned one of his sweaters into a giant ball of yarn while he slept! It looked like such fun to play with! He soon realized he wasn't just turning into a female; he was slowly turning into a female cat! He had to find a way to reverse that curse!

Monday, April 15, 2013


The tight shorts were really riding up his buttcrack. Jonathan didn't really care even though he was in front of the entire school as he reached in as he reached in and pulled them out. Of course, he didn't care because this wasn't his body, it was his sister's. After the two had accidentally switched bodies in an accident, she begged him to play her volleyball game as usual. He had resisted at first, but she eventually talked him into it. And now he was standing on the gym floor with a constant wedge.

Friday, April 12, 2013

D average

Oliver hated going to school each day. This had nothing to do with his studies, but everything to do with the other kids. Many were often downright cruel to him, particularity one girl named Tonya. He had hoped to avoid her this morning, but it seemed that he wouldn't. Her bright red lips started hurling insults at him. As she did so, he started feeling strange. Suddenly, her voice went silent. He could taste a strange taste on his lips. He felt weight on his ears. The weirdest part of all was he was looking at himself. He had switched bodies with Tonya! Of course, now that she was in his body, she was too much in shock to be throwing out insults. Of course, he didn't like having her body either, particular her D average!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Due day

Ryan couldn't wait for this all to be over. About nine months ago, he had used the Medallion of Zulu to switch bodies with Candice. Though they had intended to switch back after the twelve hour minimum was up, but Ryan had gotten himself pregnant and was stuck until he gave birth. He had adapted quite well to Candice's life, dressing sexy and loving his feminimity. However, he was still anxious to get this baby out and back into his own body. It was due any day now.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Brody was down on his luck. In recent weeks, he had started lifting essentials from local stores just to stay alive. He knew it was only a matter of time before he was caught, but with no job prospects, what was he to do? The answer came to him as he sat on a bar stool, spending his last bit of cash for the cheapest beer in the place. A woman approached him, a wealthy heiress who was in the news for her recent DUI. She had an offer that was hard to refuse. She was out on bail as she awaited sentencing. Tomorrow, she'd be going to jail and wanted someone to take her place. The amount she was offering Brody to switch bodies with her for the duration of the jail time was staggering. Brody downed the last of his beer before accepting. He wasn't looking forward to being trapped in her girlie body, and he wasn't looking forward to going to prison. However, it was better than being poor, continuing to steal, and ending up with a record of his own.

The judge gave a rather lenient sentence, two days. When Brody returned from prison, he found their heiress's house empty. He wondered what had happened to her and his body. He pressed the button on her answering machine. She had called. In the time she was away, Brody's past had caught up. The police had come for him for stealing. Brody couldn't imagine how long his body would be locked up for, but in the meantime, he decided he would enjoy being in the body of a beautiful, rich heiress!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pushing hard (Part 2)

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Julian had to admit that Veronica's body was quite fit. It wasn't muscular, but it was quite possibly his own ideal of feminine beauty. The only weird thing about it was that he was the one now inside of it. He soon learned he wasn't the only one in such a predicament, and he realized that even if scientists or the government did find a way to reverse all of these body swaps, he probably wouldn't be high on the list for switching back. After all, Veronica's body was more than healthy. Then again, checking himself out, he wasn't sure he'd even want to switch back.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Glass tube

Craig couldn't even remember how long he had been locked inside the strange glass tube when the gas came. He coughed and coughed until he passed out. When he awoke, he saw a body with a gas mask on the other side of the glass. He started pounding to get their attention. The person came over and looked at him for a moment. Craig continued to pound until the person took off the mask. He was shocked. His own face stared back at him from the other side of the glass. Then he looked down at his own body. It was thin, soft, and female! This woman must have stolen his body, and despite that she still wouldn't let him out!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Part of your world (Part 4)

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Chris dove into deep waters to explore the ocean in a way no human ever had. It gave him a feeling of open freedom. He felt like he could go anywhere or do anything he wanted to down here. As he continued to swim, the restriction became far too obvious. Yes, he could do anything or go anywhere underwater, but he was now completely unable to be up on land. The underwater world may be vast, but seemed void of any other intelligent creature. Perhaps why this mermaid had longed to be out. Maybe she was the last one.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Asbestos removal

Malcolm had been contracted to remove the asbestos from a store in the mall outside his hometown in a quiet Wisconsin suburb. He considered it odd that this one store still had asbestos, as he removed such hazardous material in a massive job from the rest of the mall over a decade ago. As he went about his task, he felt a tingle. Over the course of several days, he had lost more weight on the job than he ever remembered. By the time he was finished, he was wearing his wife's dresses to the job as his own clothes no longer fit. It didn't dawn on him until a few days after the job was over that he had been transformed into a woman! He was confused that it took him this long to notice, but checking between his legs and the truth was obvious. He wasn't sure what he had been removing from that store, but he was pretty sure now that it wasn't asbestos! He considered getting a lawyer and suing, but when he returned to the mall, he couldn't even find the store. He asked the manager, and they told him no one had ever even heard of some place called "Spells R Us."

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter dress

Walter's mom had always wanted a girl. She had never told him directly, but she often dropped hints. One of those times was at Easter. She would always make him dress up as a girl. It wasn't a big deal in the early parts of his life. After all, few could tell anything was amiss. As he got older, faking the look became tougher and tougher. He rebelled in his teenage years, refusing to do it. But as he grew into adulthood, he began fantasizing about dressing up as a woman every year around Easter. It wasn't simply good enough to put on a dress; he needed to be a convincing woman while wearing it. It often took days if not weeks of prep, but each year he pulled it off without anyone suspecting he was really a man.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ruins (Part 13)

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Before leaving the resort, the woman had scrawled out some basic information on a piece of paper for Rob. Her name, her address, and a few other helpful bits. She told him the rest would probably end up being obvious. He had no idea until he got off the plane and took a taxi to the address listed. The house was huge. In fact, he'd call it a mansion. At first, he thought he had read her writing wrong and gotten the wrong address, but found her keys to fit right in the gate and front door. Inside was filled with ornate sculptures and opulent decorations. There was a fancy dinner laid out as well. He sat down and began to eat when a man entered the house.

"Who are you?" Rob asked out of instinct.

"Your vacation wasn't that long, Ma'am!" The man replied, "How could you have forgotten your loyal butler?"

Monday, April 1, 2013

Robotic (Part 7)

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Over the next few days, George calculated plans to escape while maintaining a submissive facade. In three days, they'd run a routine weekly diagnostic. He'd need to break out before then, as his newly found fighting spirit would be discovered in his programming during those tests. Fortunately, the scientists kept him on a very regular routine, allowing George to careful observe and record his environment. Before he put his plan into action, one of the scientists entered his cell at an unscheduled time, leading George into a glass room. It was soon obvious that George was now being trotted out to the general public as a miracle of science. They took pictures of him, and he felt like he was in a glass zoo and that he was some type of animal. He badly wanted to protest, but kept quiet, not wanting to reveal he wasn't nearly as submissive as he appeared. But how would he figure a way out of this new environment before the diagnostic?