Friday, May 24, 2013

All figured out

Tyler figured out quite early in the semester that members of each sorority on campus went to the campus gym together at a certain time. He had it all figured out. At around 8AM on Tuesdays, he knew he could catch the Tri Phis. At 2PM on Friday, he was sure to see the girls from Alpha Beta working out. But showing up at the crack of dawn on Mondays soon became his favorite. That's when the all-Asian sorority, Alpha Delta Delta, showed up. It started out as a typical Monday. He set the treadmill at a low, non-strenuous pace, and then he just watched as the girls filled the gym. He made sure to keep moving his eyes from girl to girl, to make it look like he wasn't staring. But his eyes started to linger on one. She wore a light blue outfit that covered her body more than the rest with long sleeves and long pants. He knew he should turn, but he couldn't. Just as he was sure he was noticed, he was hit by a white flash. He looked down to see that he was now the one wearing the light blue workout outfit! After a moment of confusion, it seemed that everyone in the gym had swapped with one another. For the most part, this meant each sorority member was now in the body of one of her sisters, except for the one in Tyler's body, of course. Tyler himself was probably even more surprised.

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