Friday, June 29, 2012

Like swimming (Part 1)

"I don't get it!" Joey asked the swimming instructor, "Why is Mommy having such a difficult time swimming in my body?"

"The Great Shift was a very strange phenomenon," The swimming instructor explained, "While we are all still who we are, we also have to deal with the limitations or advantages to our new bodies. Your mom is not used to your young body. She also may be struggling with her adult thoughts in an undeveloped mind."

"But I'm in Mommy's body now. It's unfamiliar to me, but I can do so many things I've never done before!"

"Yes, you've gained many advantages to her grown up body and mind. For instance, you may notice that you aren't talking like a child anymore. You can easily pronounce words correctly and have fully control over your movements. A lot of scientists have noticed this about many people falling into their new bodies now that a year has passed since the Shift. Exercises like swimming keep our bodies flexible!"

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Honeymoon (Part 1)

It happened when they were on their honeymoon. "It," of course, being The Great Shift. Ted was nearly devastated when he was separated from Joan almost immediately after they had checked into their hotel. It took three days for them to finally find each other. Ted was determined to be all the man that he could and carried Joan around for a bit once they found each other again. This was despite the fact that Ted was in a body significantly weaker than the one he had, and despite the fact that Joan was now in a body just a little bit heavier than the one she had.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

All wrong

Marvin felt woozy for a minute, and everything suddenly went dark. He felt strange as he fumbled around for a light switch. When he turned it on and looked in the mirror, he got the shock of his life. He was in a woman's body, but it wasn't just that--he had to be at least twenty of thirty years older. He could tell from the looks of her that she was struggling to maintain her youth, despite being at LEAST in her 50s. What he didn't know was how it all happened. She was an older woman looking for a youthful body, and she found herself a spell on the internet to swap with a younger woman that would have accomplished exactly that. However, a slight mess up on her part caused her to switch bodies with Marvin. She cursed the fact that she got it all wrong, and that she was now a man.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Max was the first of the three men to notice the changes to his body. He looked down to see two large lumps on his chest, but he didn't immediately put two and two together. It was Eric who let out the first ear-piercing feminine scream. Meanwhile, Andrew was the only one of the three who was actually quite cool with the whole thing.

Monday, June 25, 2012


Aaron had been jogging at the track in the park when he bumped heads with another jogger running the other way. The jolt knocked him to his feet, but it ended up doing something even weirder--it ended up swapping his body with the other jogger. He couldn't have been more excited. She was hot with large breasts, which meant that HE was now her. He was now hot with large breasts. He started jumping up and down with excitement when he realized what happened.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Girls' Locker Room (Part 2)

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Brian wasn't quite sure what to do. He could only assume the open locker had some street clothes to change into. As he searched through it, his former body entered the locker room, storming angry. It was his crush, Nancy, inside of his body, and she wanted her body back. Brian knew he wasn't responsible for the swapping, but what could he do? His first and only thought was to put on an act, a mix of seductive and innocent. So far, it seemed to be working.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ruins (Part 7)

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Rob took a moment on the beach to concentrate and reflect. Before long, he was meditating. He had never meditated before in his life; he wondered if his new body was having effects on him. Regardless, it helped him clear his head. If something out there swapped his body with this woman, something out there could swap him back. He would spend the rest of this vacation finding that something. It wasn't only a few more days; he needed a good plan.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


After Christian got dumped by his girlfriend, three of his friends decided to take him to an amusement park to cheer him up. All day long, Mac, Dennis, and Chase were checking out babes, but Christian wasn't interested. He still missed his ex. That is, until he saw her. She was tall and blonde. He didn't know quite what it was about her, but he had an instant crush. He decided to talk to her. As he walked over, he tripped, spilling the soda he had on a goth girl. She looked at him with fire in her eyes. He blacked out for a moment, and the next thing he realized he had swapped bodies with the blonde woman he had been checking out! He soon realized that he wasn't the only one! His friends had all swapped bodies with girls they had been checking out earlier that day. Chase had swapped with a girl with long brown hair and a blue plaid dress. Dennis had swapped with a black girl in a floral dress. And Mac swapped with a girl with a white top and colorful skirt. At first, they were all freaking out. However, by the end of the day, the second half of the goth girl's spell took effect and the four boys all began to get comfortable and actually enjoy their bodies. Their parents would think they've always had daughters. Only a nagging feeling would remain in the four boys' minds.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


It happened at the gym. Mike had been lifting weights, and Julie was swimming in the pool when it happened. A strange electrical surge swapped their bodies. Neither expected anyone to believe what had actually occurred, so they agreed to try and pretend to be the other until they could find a way to switch back. Mike walked cautiously into the women's restroom. He felt a little aroused upon seeing women in various states of undress. But the way his new body got aroused made him feel a little uncomfortable, so he tried his best to ignore it. He found Julie's locker and opened it with the combination she had given him. The uncomfortable feelings returned as he took off her bathing suit and put on her underwear. The heels were nightmarishly tall, but it was her dress that would prove to be his biggest difficulty. It was so tight! He struggled to zip it up over his large breasts. It was funny, but up until this moment, he hadn't noticed how truly big they were! After a few attempts, he breathed a quick sight of relief when he managed to get the zipper all the way up. His sense of accomplishment was short-lived, however, as the zipper soon burst from the pressure of his large bust.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Even better

After the Great Shift, Mark, Gene, and Dave all found themselves in the bodies of their wives. The three men were having trouble coping with the fact that they were all now women and often met to discuss their difficulties.

"Gene, you know that I've always had the hots for your wife, right?" Dave asked.

Gene nodded.

"I mean, now that you're her. You and I could...well, you know?"

Gene snapped back, "Exactly how are you going to have sex with me now that you are in Denise's body?"

"Well, we could always..." Dave proceeded to made a lude gesture.

Mark looked at Dave, "Don't be gross, Dude! I don't think any of us are ready to have sex as women. Except maybe you!"

"My wife and I already have!" Dave replied, "You guys haven't? You're missing out! Let me tell you, if you thought sex as a guy was good, having sex as a woman is even better! So I'm serious, let's..." Dave made the gesture again.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Stick out your tongue

"Alright, now stick out your tongue."

Patrick did as Dr. Grant instructed.

Dr. Grant searched around his mouth for a bit before speaking, "I'm sorry, Patrick. There doesn't appear to be any explanation of how you transformed into a woman--at least not medically. All my test simply confirm that you are a perfectly healthy young woman. In fact, if I didn't grill you with questions that only Patrick would know at the beginning of this exam, I would say that you were trying to pull some sort of weird prank on me."

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Charlie and Andy were celebrating their 12th birthday. The two twin brothers were starting to enter a rebellious phase and had made a wish to be in control instead of their parents. A mysterious force overheard the boys' wish and decided to grant it by having them swap bodies with their parents. However, they couldn't both be their father, so Charlie ended up their dad's body and Andy wound up as their mother.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ruins (Part 6)

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Rob went back to sit on the beach. He closed his eyes and let himself relax. He felt comfortable; maybe he was feeling a little too comfortable. He had completely lost any sense of panic. He realized that he was no longer concerned with the fact that he now had a body that was not his own. He tried to muster up concern about his feminine form, but he found it impossible. He could only guess this was the magic of the swap seeping in further. But while he wasn't able to worry about his body any longer, he was still able to worry about his lack of worry. He wondered if this might be a loophole, a way to make sure he wouldn't give in to complacency and that he wouldn't give up on finding a way to reverse this mess.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Daily routine

It had been a week since Jeffrey swapped bodies with his girlfriend Nancy, and they were finally accepting the fact that they probably weren't going to be swapping back. It was beginning to sink in for both of them that they were going to have to live each other's life. For Jeffrey, part of this meant keeping his new body in shape by doing Nancy's daily morning exercises. Neither one of them wanted to see her body lose its shape. She warned him to hear a sports bra, but he didn't think it was that important. He was embarrassed to tell her, but the one thing he actually enjoyed while being in Nancy's body was feeling her breasts move about. The exercise routine flung them about so much that by the end of it, Jeffrey had to admit that he was pretty turned on. Of course, Nancy (now with Jeffrey's hormones) was feeling pretty aroused watching her old body jiggle like that as well.

Monday, June 11, 2012

The devices

Dr. Gary Schwartz and Dr. Becky Chang both had been wearing the experimental devices for the past three hours. They had been transmitting thoughts from one mind to another, allowing Dr. Schwartz to control Dr. Chang's body and visa versa. This wasn't a cause for celebration for the pair; they had experimented with the devices on numerous occasions like this. But today's test would be different. Both took a deep breath before removing the devices. Their theory was correct! It seemed prolonged use of the devices would cause the switch to be maintained even once the device was removed. Dr. Schwartz still had control over Dr. Chang's body just as she had control of his!

Friday, June 8, 2012


Trevor was thinking about why he had done it. Why did he steal his sister's body? It really was simple jealousy. And it wasn't even that he was jealous of her life or anything. She was just going on a ski trip this weekend, and he wanted to go. It was petty really. He had no secret desire to be a woman--in fact, he was feeling just a little uncomfortable in her body. He knew he'd be glad to give her body back after the weekend was over, but for the time being, he was her.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


The boys had stolen some water from the showers at Bikini Beach a few weeks ago and had been playing pranks on each other every since. They'd turn one of their buddies into a woman for a day or a week and chuckle at their expense. The latest prank with the Slip'N'Slide went too far. One of them had placed water from the lifetime pass shower on it, and when David slid across he transformed. He cursed as it happened; he should have seen it coming. He asked when it would wear off this time. The other fell hushed, not wanting to tell him the answer.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


In order to better understand his daughter, Carl had used the Morphic Adaption Unit to transform himself into a girl around her age. He went to school and got to re-enjoy many of the pleasures of youth. After lunch, the teacher surprised the class with a pop quiz. Carl looked at it confused. He should be able to ace this stuff, it was truly "elementary," but he found himself struggling with the problems. He wondered if regressing his age had also regressed his mind. The moment he got home, he tried to reverse the MAU's effects, but found it had stopped working. He was stuck growing up again, but this time as a girl!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Jason was convinced this was never going to get old. He hadn't asked why he swapped bodies with a beautiful woman, but he certainly wasn't complaining. Several hours had passed since it happened, and all he had done in that entire time was play with his magnificent breasts. He had often dreamed about how it would feel to have a pair, but he never imagined they would be this enjoyable. He could do this all day.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Cheap vacation

Evan really hated the places his family would take him to on vacation. They were always trying to save money by going to some really strange places. This year they had picked Exchange Island. It had sounded like an awesome idea at first. It was hard to object to a tropical paradise. There was a catch, however. For their duration of their time at the resort, they would be inside the body of one of the other guests. Evan hated the fact that he would be a girl for the next two weeks. At least his two brothers were stuck in a similar situation, so they probably wouldn't be making fun of him any time soon!

Friday, June 1, 2012


Marty considered it a scientific success when he was able to manipulate his DNA to transform himself into a woman. If he could do this, the possibilities for altering genes to cope with genetic diseases seemed endless. But he first needed to do plenty of tests on himself to make sure the procedure went off without a hitch. After a day, he discovered the first problem with his modified DNA, he grew a very thick beard! He shaved it off, but it soon returned. He tried a few more times, but it seemed to only come in thicker. He tried laser hair removal, but that seemed only slightly more effective than shaving. It seemed that he was stuck with this beard unless he could further alter his genes to fix it.