Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Mile in Her Shoes

John was really struggling in these heels. After complaining rather vocally to his girlfriend in public about how long she was taking to do everything; a nearby witch cursed him to walk a mile in her shoes. He had no idea how literal that curse would be! He was not only in her shoes, but her entire body! He decided to just wak it off and get it over with, but he was hitting two miles now with his feet totally pinching him, and he hadn't changed back yet! 

Monday, October 5, 2009

Can you believe this?

"Can you believe that my sister can actually walk in these things?" Max asked his best friend, Ted, after a weird bodyswap beam affected theie entire neighborhood, swapping him into his own sister's body.

"Well, Max," Ted asserted from the body of Max's girlfriend, Felicia, "It looks like you're walking in them just fine as well. It makes me wonder what sort of side effects that bodyswap beam may have had on all of us. I hate to confess this to you, but being in your girlfriend's body, I'm been finding your own body attrative."