Thursday, May 30, 2013

All figured out (Part 2)

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Tyler was given a brief run down about his new body by the other girls. He was now inside Li An Lee, a Junior majoring in Engineering. She was from Los Angeles and had just broken up with her boyfriend. After trying to absorb all that, he was funneled into the locker room. Each girl introduced themselves, but were enough of them that he was having trouble keeping it all straight in his head. They changed right in front of him making him blush. They also all exchanged pieces of clothing with each other, presumably with them all swapped, it was a mixture of whose was whose and who fit what. It was then the girls noticed Tyler just standing there. They quickly stripped his clothes and opened up a locker. They giggled, saying it was like dressing a doll as they placed a pink bra and matching panties around him. He soon found a dress placed over his head and zipped up, a leather jacket on his shoulders, boots on his feet, and a purse in his hand. One girl put Tyler's hair in a ponytail, saying it would do for now, and another worked on his makeup. Before long, Tyler stood there with a feminine look that matched his gorgeous new body perfectly.

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