Friday, May 31, 2013


Jason would probably be pretty hesitant to admit it, but he had always thought that his sister Allison was hot. And after their father's wild invention swapped the siblings bodies, Jason found himself in a rather unique position. Here he was, one of the nerdiest guys in school, trapped inside his sister's body, arguably one of the hottest girls in school. It wasn't long before all sorts of ideas floated in his head. He started posing in front of the mirror wearing all sorts of her clothes. It wasn't long before he opted for revealing things like bikinis. He was starting to get a little turned on just looking at himself. There was just one problem, seeing his sister's face stare back at him. He just couldn't think of her in that way. Ultimately, he found a solution. Digging through the basement, he found one of his old Halloween costumes. It would be perfect. He placed the helmet on his head and checked himself out in the mirror. He could now look at his hot reflection without being reminded he was actually now his own sister. In fact, the Star Wars helmet actually made it a little hotter. A hot girl who also seemed like a nerd? Yeah, that was awesome! And that's who he was now!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

All figured out (Part 2)

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Tyler was given a brief run down about his new body by the other girls. He was now inside Li An Lee, a Junior majoring in Engineering. She was from Los Angeles and had just broken up with her boyfriend. After trying to absorb all that, he was funneled into the locker room. Each girl introduced themselves, but were enough of them that he was having trouble keeping it all straight in his head. They changed right in front of him making him blush. They also all exchanged pieces of clothing with each other, presumably with them all swapped, it was a mixture of whose was whose and who fit what. It was then the girls noticed Tyler just standing there. They quickly stripped his clothes and opened up a locker. They giggled, saying it was like dressing a doll as they placed a pink bra and matching panties around him. He soon found a dress placed over his head and zipped up, a leather jacket on his shoulders, boots on his feet, and a purse in his hand. One girl put Tyler's hair in a ponytail, saying it would do for now, and another worked on his makeup. Before long, Tyler stood there with a feminine look that matched his gorgeous new body perfectly.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Adrenaline (Part 4)

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After his experience on the field the other day, Harvey decided to work out in a more out-of-the-way path the next day. While he had returned to his own home the first night after the swap, last night he had spent the night at the woman's house. He realized he needed to use her clothes, and with his own body likely still in the hospital, the police might be coming by his own place. He wasn't quite sure how he knew where it was or how he found her spare key; it was all just sort of instinctual. He also found out this body's name was Rani. Once again, it all just sort of came to him.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Megyn and Amber walked into their dorm to find their third roommate (and total BFF) Caitlin standing there. Caitlin stood there wearing a pink top but had an uncharacteristic slouch. She greeted her two friends with a nod and a "'Sup, Dudes?"

Amber gave Caitlin an odd look and asked if she was feeling okay. She really wasn't acting very much like herself. Caitlin straightened her back and smiled, "I'm good."

What neither Amber or Megyn realized was that Caitlin wasn't really Caitlin. Thanks to a weird experiment in her psychology class, she had switched bodies with Tony. Whereas Caitlin was about as feminine and girlie as a woman could be; Tony was the epitome of masculinity. Being trapped in Caitlin's body was quite difficult for him, but he was going to have to do his best at acting like her until they switched back.

All he really wanted to do was pound back a beer, play some Xbox, and chill. But Megyn and Amber were starting to pressure him to go shopping.

Monday, May 27, 2013


Submitted by Akira
Mark's life had been ruined due to recession and having lost his work, money and family. Mark was in stuck in a pit of despair.

Whilst going through the town center, Mark had aimlessly walked into a store where he meet an old lady who gave him a pendant that will allow him to get a better life. As Mark left the store, he encountered two girls who were lost and came up to him to ask for directions. Mark noticed how cute the girl on the left was and suddenly a bright flashed occurred transferring his spirit into the girl.
People began to panic as his former body collapse and lost all sign of life, freaked out at the sudden body transfer, Mark ran home (to the girls home) and instinctively grabbed a nearby doll. A minute later he felt a jolt of electricity as the girl spirit was sucked from the body and then trapped within the doll.

The body then eased up and every inch of his new body felt like his own. Mark then thought 'This is my chance! I can start over!'

Friday, May 24, 2013

All figured out

Tyler figured out quite early in the semester that members of each sorority on campus went to the campus gym together at a certain time. He had it all figured out. At around 8AM on Tuesdays, he knew he could catch the Tri Phis. At 2PM on Friday, he was sure to see the girls from Alpha Beta working out. But showing up at the crack of dawn on Mondays soon became his favorite. That's when the all-Asian sorority, Alpha Delta Delta, showed up. It started out as a typical Monday. He set the treadmill at a low, non-strenuous pace, and then he just watched as the girls filled the gym. He made sure to keep moving his eyes from girl to girl, to make it look like he wasn't staring. But his eyes started to linger on one. She wore a light blue outfit that covered her body more than the rest with long sleeves and long pants. He knew he should turn, but he couldn't. Just as he was sure he was noticed, he was hit by a white flash. He looked down to see that he was now the one wearing the light blue workout outfit! After a moment of confusion, it seemed that everyone in the gym had swapped with one another. For the most part, this meant each sorority member was now in the body of one of her sisters, except for the one in Tyler's body, of course. Tyler himself was probably even more surprised.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Almost perfect

Brandon's prom night had been going just as he had hoped right up until the end. Up until the moment he picked her up, he still couldn't believe Stacy had said yes when he asked her out. She looked gorgeous in her poofy white dress. The dinner they ate was delicious and prom was simply magnificent. A little before it was over, he asked her up to a room in a nearby hotel. She was hesitant at first, but it wasn't long until the two of them were both losing their virginities. However, what happened as they got dressed to return to the prom shocked them both: they swapped bodies. Brandon realized he was now the one wearing a white poofy dress; he was in Stacy's body! And she was in his! Neither of them realized the swap was a protective spell cast by their parents in an attempt to prevent the two from having sex; it just didn't activate quite as quickly as planned!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Adrenaline (Part 3)

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It had only been a day, and Harvey was already enjoying his new life tremendously. The next morning, he had found himself compelled to return to the field where the incident had taken place the day before. After all, now that he had such a great body without even having to work for it, why should he let it go to waste? As he did simple exercises like touching his toes and jogging in place, he could really feel the weight of his new breasts. It was a little odd but also a little wonderful. However, it wasn't long before he started hearing a few hoots and hollers from men working out. He suddenly no longer felt quite so confident in his new body.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Dan and Ryan knew there wasn't much time left. If they didn't switch with someone today, they'd be trapped in these women's bodies forever. They had tried all sorts of techniques to coax men back to the place where the magical body swapper was so they could steal their bodies and be male again. With little time left, they were pulling out all the stops today. If that meant wearing skimpy clothes, so be it. Both of them were sure they laid the bait out well, now it just just a matter of stringing them along so they could steal their bodies.

Monday, May 20, 2013


TG Great Shift
Kevin was trying to do his best to cope with this whole Great Shift thing. It was his first morning in his new body, and so far it had been quite difficult. It had taken him an hour just to put on a bra. He just couldn't seem to get the damned hooks on correctly in the back. He was sure that he was going to have just as much difficulty with one of his girlfriend's dresses, so he decided to try heels first. Walking in these shoes proved to be just as challenging. He found himself tripping quite frequently. He knew he didn't have to do all these things, but he figured that since he was a woman now, he should get used to womanly things. The Great Shift didn't seem likely to reverse itself any time soon.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Adrenaline (Part 2)

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Despite seeing his own body collapse and get taken away by an ambulance, Harvey couldn't feel better. His body was healthy and his mind was eerily at ease. He could only assume the feeling was simply from his new, youthful body. He actually started skipping...skipping! He felt so alive and wonderful! He couldn't wait to start his new life!

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Young Soo had been miserable for the past few days ever since he swapped bodies with Ji Eun. The two had decided they would pretend to actually be each other, figuring if they told anyone who they really were they'd be seen as crazy. That meant Young Soo was doing things like wearing dresses and putting on makeup. The worst part was always Ji Eun's husband, who had been greeting him with a big kiss. But the strangest thing happened today, her husband walked right by Young Soo and kissed Ji Eun. He wondered if she had told him, but it turns out that he figured it out. He loved Ji Eun so much that he could just tell who she really was no matter what body she was in now.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Dr. Ronson looked at the screens; he still couldn't believe what he had just accomplished. Of course, he didn't need to examine the evidence on the monitors, he could just looked down. He had successfully rewritten the brain patterns of the test subject with his own while wiping his own brain clean except for vital bodily functions. He glared over to it, laying lifeless on the operating table. He was ready to celebrate with glee until a hint of guilt came over him for taking advantage of his test subject, Emma. She was a homeless punk he had found on the street. She had a rather abrasive manner, but with the promise of a warm meal and some cash, coaxing her into this was no issue. Her brain patterns were now stored in the computer's memory banks. He thought about restoring himself and her back to normal, but instead decided it might be fun to be in her body just a little while longer.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Robotic (Part 8)

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George realized he needed to act fast if he was going to escape. He was sure he could do it despite his different surroundings. All he needed was the smartphone he had. He couldn't make calls with it, but he was able to surf the web. Even though his body was so realistic, he was very aware anytime of his plastic fingers anytime he worked with small things in his hands. He could use the phone to crack the electronic lock on the glass door, and then he'd have to simply make a break for it. The exit was a mere 60.8 meters away. He could make it. He knew he could.

Monday, May 13, 2013


As Rick drove away, he broke into laughter. He couldn't believe he had gotten away with stealing Marcia's body. She hadn't even put up a fight; in fact, she seemed to welcome the switch. He didn't seem to care; he just wanted to get out of there before she changed her mind!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Adrenaline (Part 1)

Harvey had been meaning to get some exercise for years now. It was probably over a decade now since his doctor had recommended it, but it was something he had known for far longer. But there was the birth of his son, long nights at the office to provide for his family, and countless obligations that kept him from working out. But now, with his wife's passing and his son's graduation from college, Harvey finally was able to find some time to exercise. He knew this first day would be slow, maybe just a brisk walk around the track at the local park. He could feel his heart ache from even the slightest uptick in effort. The pain seemed to fade away when he looked across the field to see another old man collapse. Then without even missing a beat, he was racing to help. His aches were no more and he was moving at a speed he hadn't hit since he was a young man. He had assumed it was some sort of altruistic adrenaline, but then he turned over the body of the old man to administer CPR. He was shocked to see the face looking back at him was his own. Shortly after, he became away of the body he now had. He was inside of a young person -- a young woman, in fact. He paused for a moment to contemplate the body swap but knew there was precious little time. He searched his own body for a cell phone. Without finding one, he started shouting for someone to dial 911.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Tony had intended the statement as a joke. It seemed that his girlfriend wasn't in a laughing mood. Casually stating that "Laundry is women's work" on a normal day would have probably elicited a smile from her at least, but he must have been pissed off today or something. Instead, she utilized her magical powers to switch bodies with him, storming out of the house with his body while demanding she wouldn't return until he had cleaned all the clothes in the house. Tony shrugged. His girlfriend got in such moods sometimes. Of course, he didn't really mind doing the laundry, and he certainly didn't mind being in her body either.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Passed away

Two months ago, Clyde had passed away at a far too young age. He turned into a ghost. He didn't know quite what to do at first, but once he discovered that he could possess people that all changed. He settled on possessing his friend, Anne. She was young and beautiful and a perfect candidate. After a while, he decided taking Anne's life just wasn't fair. Maybe he'd feel less guilty by taking the body of a strange. The weird thing was as he had his spiritual form exit Anne's body, it had taken on her form. That was particularly bizarre. It's not like it mattered though, he'd possess a new body soon enough.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Gus often came back to this room to look at his old invention. He had made it a few years ago, but it had stopped working after its sole test, a test that had switched his brain into the body of his assistant, Allison. He had tried numerous times to make it work again, but with no success. He was stuck as Allison, and she was stuck as him. He'd come to accept that long ago, but he often still wondered if it would be possible to fix.

Monday, May 6, 2013


Rusty could only stare with a dumbfounded expression. There was somewhere here that looked exactly like him...and it wasn't just a slight look-alike, it was someone who looked EXACTLY like him. Of course, he hadn't realized what he looked like now yet. He had switched bodies with a woman; he hadn't yet noticed his own body, his new feminine body. If he was shocked now, it would be downright terrifying for him once he realized that.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Rushed to the mirror (Part 3)

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Of course, Michael still had the most exciting part of all to explore. He pulled the front of the silk shorts he was wearing to get a good look at it. Yep, there is was. A vagina. He continued to ignore the rining of the telephone as he reached a hand down. It felt good, better than he expected. This was heaven. He unplugged the phone, putting off the conversation with Miriam for as long as possible.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Part of your world (Part 6)

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Chris felt quite silly talking to a dolphin, but he really didn't have anyone else to speak with, so he continued on.

"Where is everyone?" He asked.

"Most of us are right around here." The dolphin replied.

Chris noticed he didn't see any other mermaids in sight, "I'm the only one, aren't I?"

"The only one? Kai, you know that you are...unless you've mated." The dolphin suddenly started to sound surprised, "You have! Haven't you!? It all makes sense now!"


"When a mermaid mates, she travels to the surface. She'll trick a human into it. During the process, the human switches bodies with the mermaid to carry the eggs to term. It all makes sense now! You're a humanin Kai's body! This is a glorious day."

"So...wait...I'm pregnant!?"

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dog days (Part 2)

Submitted by Will H.

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This is S'more (left) and Caprica (right). S'more, a Beagle puppy, and Caprica, a 3 year old Great Dane, were happy pets belonging to the Mason family.
Caprica was adopted by the Masons after she was found hurt and abandoned by her previous owners. Under the care of the mother of the family, Jessica, Caprica recovered and became the family's loyal pet ever since.

S'more is a rather newer member of the family, who was adopted by the Mason's son, 10 year old Adrian. S'more had become Adrian's responsibility and soon shared a special bond with her new master.

When the Dog Days came around, the Mason Family decided to let their own beloved pets take part in it too. It was decided that Caprica would use Jessica's body and S'more use Adrian's body. After having their bodies switched, Caprica and S'more became delighted to finally have an opportunity like this.

On the first day, Caprica and S'more were allowed time around the house to get used to their new roles in the household. In the morning, Caprica read one of Jessica's romance novels with Jessica curled up next to her old body and S'more spent her time in the Adrian's treehouse until she sort of had an accident and fell. Luckily after a visit to the hospital, S'more had only sprained Adrian's arm but had to wear a cast for a couple days. Later that day, Caprica was allowed to take S'more to get a treat. It was going to be a long week for both of them.