Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Stage Diver

It was a very fateful moment when Brett decided to end it all. He had stood of the side of a bridge, took a deep breath, and threw himself over the side. He could've never expected that as he fell, a strange phenomenon known as the Great Shift would take place that swapped the bodies of everyone around the world. While falling, he ended up switching with a stage-diver at a nearby club. He screamed and yelled--not realizing what was truly going on yet. He still thought he was about to end it all, but instead he was now inside the body of a sexy woman. Most of the club-goers hadn't noticed the Shift yet themselves; the crowded space generally just caused them to swap with someone else squished up against them.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Girls' Locker Room

Brian had wanted to get into the girls' locker room with the hopes of seeing the hottest girl in school naked, but he hadn't planned for it to go down like this! The Great Shift had swapped the poor boy into the body of one of the school's most popular girls, one he had a total crush on, just as she was changing for gym class. He held his new hair in his hands with a certain sense of shock. Sure, he was now able able to get into the girls' locker room whenever he wanted, and he would also be able to see his crush naked anytime he wanted. But it certainly wouldn't be in quite the way he would have expected!