Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summertime fun (Part 3)

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The three bodyswitched boys discussed what to do next. With grumbling stomachs, they decided to get some food, but Tony quickly discovered a problem with the idea.

"Guys," He spoke up, "Being chicks and all is pretty awesome, but don't they usually carry purses or something? I mean, right now it looked like we have no cash, no IDs, no nothing!"

Enrique and Mike exchanged glances.

"My sister sometimes keeps some cash in her shoes," Mike replied, "Or in her bra."

"There's definitely nothing in this body's bikini top." Enrique answered.

Tony also replied, "My body isn't even wearing a bra!"

"Check everywhere you can think off..." Mike said before reaching into his own top.

Before long, they discovered each of them had a credit card, an ID, and a few bucks stowed away in various odd places -- much to the relief of their stomachs after using the money to buy some hot dogs.

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