Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Rebecca Graves was on her way to check in on one of her investments, a scientific research center responsible for many patents for scientific advancements in the past 20 years, when a homeless man outside the building started pestering her for change. She had always thought the homeless were just too lazy or stupid to work, so she ignored him as he followed her all the way to the door. She paused momentarily inside the building. She remembered discussing with the head researcher about how the lab struggled for test subjects. She smiled when she realized she could solve two problems at once, and she returned outside to trick the homeless man into becoming a guinea pig with the promise of "change."

When Rebecca met with the people in charge of the latest projects, she demanded they test their latest inventions on the homeless man. They were hesitant. They told her that things were quite ready for human testing, that it could be dangerous. Rebecca wasn't listening. They were soon strapping the homeless man into a chair and flipped a large switch.

The light flickered, and Rebecca suddenly felt woozy. She realized that she was now strapped down to the chair! She had switched bodies with the homeless man. She began ranting to the scientists, insisting to be switched back.

"Gentleman, I'm afraid this invention is a modest failure." She heard her own body say, "All you've seemed to accomplish with this machine is to convince a homeless person that he is me! I fail to see any use to this. Dismantle it at once!"

Rebecca didn't care what her body said; she knew who she really was. She freaked out when she heard those words. Rebecca's body simply walked out of the lab. While he may have been homeless, the man wasn't dumb. He knew when the machine had accidentally caused him to swap bodies with Rebecca that he should immediately take advantage of that. There was a lot he didn't know about being her, but he knew now that he was rich. This was the best kind of change he could've possibly hoped for.