Friday, July 13, 2012

Robotic (Part 1)

The last thing George remembered was another car slamming into his own. The next thing he realized his eyes opened to a strange sight. Alongside his vision was digital meters and monitors. His joints felt strange, and his body felt even stranger. He looked down at his body with horror. He was a robot -- a female robot! How was this even possible!?

A man rushed in as George began to react. "I bet you're wondering what's going on." The man said, "You were selected for a new experiment. Your body had died, but your brain was in perfect condition. We transplanted it into our prototype body. Our apologies that she wasn't quite finished yet. Don't fret though, we will get that taken care of so that you won't be able to tell your robotic body from a human one. Apologies also for the female form. She was our only prototype."

George could only stand in shock.

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