Thursday, July 26, 2012

Robotic (Part 4)

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Over the next few months, George's new robotic body was constantly tweaked. It started with some pretty basic things like covering over the rest of his robot frame with lifelike skin. Once that happened, it would probably be nearly impossible for anyone to be able to tell the difference between him and a normal woman, even when naked! The technicians were constantly messing with his senses. Touch, for instance, had felt a little weird and numb at first -- far less sensitive than before. As a result, it had been hard to him to grip things. But a few adjustments, and everything felt normal. He wondered if they actually adjusted how sensitive his sense were, or if they were just making him  accustomed to the slightly number ones.

They made adjustments that George wasn't aware of either to help him cope with the fact that he would be perceived as a woman. He no longer objected to wearing dresses or makeup. In fact, he would often request them, though he wouldn't understand why. His original brain would try to fight the programming, but the programming always won.

The press conferences continued throughout the process.

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