Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Ken was a bit of a brat. His mom had hoped as he grew older, he would learn to appreciate how much she did for him, but as he entered his teens, he was just as spoiled as ever. Further, he would often hurl insults at his mom by calling her lazy or slinging hurtful names. Finally, she had enough. As he slept, she placed a curse on him. When Ken woke up, he'd find himself in a very different situation -- inside his mom's body! His first struggle was getting ready in the morning, putting on a bra and selecting an outfit from his mom's clothing was more difficult than he imagined. He walked downstairs to see his mom's schedule pulled up on a laptop. Meanwhile, his mom (now inside of Ken's body) decided to give Ken a hard time by demanding breakfast. Ken just shrugged his shoulders, "Breakfast? I don't know how to make any damn breakfast!"

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