Thursday, July 12, 2012

...Or so he thought

Dr. Alan Tome had been working on the project for the past five years. Funding had been cut numerous times after repeated failure. He was down to a single lab assistant, a young woman named Rhian that he had hired just three months ago. She was a bit of a punk, often showed late for work, and took way too many smoking breaks. But she would do for his purposes. He didn't need her to be a good worker -- or even smart -- he just needed another body to test his mind switcher on. After placing a helmet on her head then his own and activating a switch, he could immediately tell that it had worked this time. He saw his own body across the room seemingly quite scared. It was understandable. He had never told her exactly what his machine would do. She had no idea what just happened -- or so he thought. Rhian had actually been paying close attention. She wasn't scared, just excited that it actually worked. Now that she was in Dr. Alan Tome's body, the machine was rightfully hers. She'd refuse to switch back, and then she could begin her masterful plan.

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