Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Robotic (Part 3)

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The next thing George realized, he was being ushered into a room with a bunch of reporters. He was soon fielding questions.

"How do you feel about your new body?" One reporter asked.

"I am happy to be alive." George responded, "This robotic body may not be quite the same as my natural one, but I am thankful to all of those involved for saving my life. I can't complain."

"Even though the body is a female robot, and yet you were male?" The reporter followed up.

"It would not have been my first choice for a new body, but I am happy."

George was taken a little aback by some of the words coming out of his mouth. He knew he didn't feel like this just a few moments ago, yet he knew all of these words were the truth now. It was like someone had flipped a switch in his head that he couldn't control.

Another reporter posed a question, "There have been ethical concerns with this procedure -- with wild rumors about how that robot shell could potentially lead to an absolute control of you. Have you experienced thoughts or feelings that weren't your own?"

George wanted to scream out with a YES, but instead a laugh came from his lips, "No, I assure you that everything I say and do is of my own choosing at this point. There's no one pulling the strings behind the scenes." George knew this was lie, but he once again couldn't stop himself. And as he heard himself actually say those words, the sudden switch occurred in his brain again, and he felt like those words were true.

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