Monday, July 9, 2012

Popular (Part 1)

The unannounced assembly had been a complete surprise to all of the students. When the topic of "tolerance" was being discussed, many of the students zoned out until the superintendent mentioned "body switching." The jaws of many in the class dropped in disbelief, but three nerdy boys named Jake, Charles, and Jarod were fascinated by the science involved. It seemed the technology was not only possible, but that every student in school would be swapped with someone else by the end of the day. Coincidentally, the nerds all ended up swapping with popular girls. At lunchtime, the three girls thought about what they should do with their new bodies.

"Don't popular girls just sort of skip school and go to the mall at this point?" Jake asked the other two.

Before long, the three were all at the mall and skipping class. They had bought jeans and sweatshirts to replace the girlie outfits they had been wearing earlier. Charles couldn't keep his hands off his new breasts, and the other two were just enjoying it all.

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