Friday, March 22, 2013


It was an odd curse to say the least. Charles had discovered the magic that hung over him by accident after a trip to the mall. He was looking to pick up some new boots, and found that when he tried a pair on, he'd change into a completely different person. It would last for a few hours before he changed shoes or turned back into himself. For years, he found he would turn into all sorts of different men on his shopping trips, but on one fateful day he was hit by a hint of curiosity -- what if he tried on women's shoes? Would he change into a woman? He just had to try. It was awkward picking out the first pair. It seemed the whole store was staring at the dude looking at women's shoes. But then he built up the courage to put a pair on his feet and sure enough, he turned into a woman! He then went crazy, trying on all sorts of different heels, boots, and sandals. Ultimately, he settled on just a pink pair of heels for now. As long as he was a woman, he decided to refer to himself as "Anna" instead of Charles; it just felt right. He wondered how long he'd be transformed for this time; he certainly hoped it would be a while, but when he finally did change back, he'd just return and try on some more!

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