Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A long time

The change happened to Bryan slowly over the course of a year. It had been such a slow process that he hardly even realized it was happening. It had started with some weight loss, but the large burly man didn't find anything wrong with losing a few pounds -- even if it did mean a whole new wardrobe. But after many more pounds and plenty of clothes, something should've tipped him off. He was probably in denial; he was probably still in denial when his chest got slightly fleshier, slowly growing two very nice breasts from his hairy chest. When his genitalia had shrunken to about half their size, that's when he finally figured it out. He was becoming a woman. He began to embrace it. He started to buy more feminine clothes. He accepted that his penis was gone and replaced with a vagina. The only thing he still held onto was his facial and body hair. He thought about shaving it off, but he figured it would be like everything else. It would probably soon thin until it went away. He just wanted to enjoy the last bit of his fleeting manhood for as long as possible

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