Monday, October 1, 2012

Best Friends (Part 5)

Submitted by Hikari
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After Alex had finish his/her photoshoot with Gigi body, he got dressed and return home in Gigi body with Gigi in his former body following him to his new home. Alex went and sat down on the sofa and crossed Gigi former legs and smiled at her and told her everything he has been doing up till now with his new body and life that he had stolen from Gigi. Gigi whilst listening was feeling the effects of her male hormones and cannot take her eyes off the bare parts of her former body and has the strong urge to touch and feel the stolen body that she misses, however she shake these thought out of her head and demands Alex return her body that was stolen. Alex then laughs and smiles telling her that he has no intention of returning her body back and no matter how Gigi will force him to switch by physical abuse, rape or molestering. He will not switch back as she agreed to it in the first place and he was not done with it yet.

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