Friday, January 11, 2013

Best friends (Part 7)

Submitted by Hikari
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With a burning determination to get her original body back, Gigi went to the library in Alex's body in hopes of finding a way to switch back. However, there was no books or reference to body switching, swapping, transfer, or magic. Just when Gigi was getting frustrated, she saw a familiar face. It was Alex manipulating Gigi's body, slowly walking up to him while making a cutesy face, looking at the books, and sweetly asking if Gigi was looking for something.

Gigi ignored her former body and continued to search the shelfs until her former body stroked his arms. Alex declared that she had taken and disposed of all the books relating to body switching or methods of switching, and Gigi should give up and accept the body was now hers.

Gigi became even more annoyed and disgusted at how Alex was going to such extreme lengths to steal and keep her body. Gigi got even more determine to get her body back by all means!

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