Monday, September 17, 2012

Best friends (Part 4)

Submitted by Hikari
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Several months has passed and Gigi has gotten use to life in Alex's body, though she misses her former life and body and question why a childhood best friend would do something so horrible.

She still remembers the night Alex requested that she has sex with him whilst he had her body, although Gigi refused Alex managed to persuade her and not long after starting Gigi stopped which didn't satisfy Alex and therefore (s)he had left and disappeared with Gigi body.

Several months later, Alex had contacted Gigi to come to a hotel room where he is doing a photo shoot with her body having stolen her job as a part time model and was showing off her body much to Gigi displeasure at becoming aroused from her former body and mixed feelings of how Alex is so happy in her body.

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