Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pushing hard (Part 1)

Julian's first assumption was that he had just pushed himself too hard at the gym, causing him to pass out. He couldn't be more wrong. While he had been pushing hard while working out, his disorientation was related to a ripple throughout the Earth that would come to be known as The Great Shift. The dramatic event caused 99% of the world's population to switch bodies. Julian was no exception to this when he switches bodies with Veronica, a woman who also went to his gym. As he first started to pull himself up off the floor, he was still working from the theory that he had passed out from his exercise. While his body felt strange, it wasn't the feeling of aches he would usually get from such a regiment. It was more of a feeling of unfamiliarity, and that puzzled him. But the realization of his new form slowly started to sink in as the feelings started to become more apparent coupled with the sight of his new body!

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