Tuesday, August 27, 2013

From strange to stranger (Part 3)

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The two stood silent and stared at each other for quite a few minutes. Maybe there was a bit of a delayed hope that the wish might somehow be granted or maybe they just didn't didn't know what to say. It was the genie (in William's body) who finally spoke up first with an interesting thought.

"I wish that I knew why we swapped bodies." She said.

"Yes, Master." William said on instinct. His jaw dropped. "Why did I just say that!?"

"Because you have to." The genie replied. She took a deep breath. "Allow me to explain. There was this worldwide incident caused by...Well, that part is a long story. But it has happened to just about everyone. People are calling it the Great Shift. Almost everyone swapped bodies...including us. But my powers stayed with you. You're the genie; you can grant wishes. And I'm your Master!"

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