Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday morning (Part 1)

After a slow weekend, the small real estate office opened its doors on Monday morning when Ed arrived to unlock them. Ed was a gray haired man who had started the company in his youth. He was always the first arrive and last to leave. Rebecca usually arrived shortly thereafter. Ed always thought the attractive brunette could use her sexy body and sell a house without saying a word. Of course, her dedication and hard work allowed her to excel in the field. Meanwhile, Gus always arrived a little late. He could get away with it with his smooth talk. The three hadn't even received a call when it happened. A strange light that engulfed all three, swapping their bodies. Each of them were shocked to find themselves in the other's body. Rebecca was terrified to be in Gus's body. She had become a man! Gus was weirded out by being in Ed's body; he certainly didn't want to be old. While Ed was shocked to be in Rebecca's body, he instantly recognized the advantages of being a young, attractive female. However, he kept any joy he might have well hidden.

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