Thursday, August 15, 2013

From strange to stranger (Part 1)

William had a long, rough day at work. He had been so busy that he hadn't even had time to eat. When his day was finally over, he reached into the company fridge, grabbed his brown bag, and went home. However, when he went in to eat his lunch back at his apartment, he opened up the sack to find he had grabbed someone else's bag. There was no food inside, just some weird reusable metal container. He figured he could apologize to whoever's bag he had taken by cleaning the container. As he rubbed the outside, the strangest thing happened, smoke billowed from the container, and soon a woman appeared from out of the smoke! William was in shock!

The woman spoke first, "What is your wish, Master?"

"Excuse me?" William asked.

"I am a genie, and you are my master!"

"No way! Genies are real! I must be hallucinating from hunger. I wish I wasn't so hungry!"

The woman wiggled her nose, and sure enough, William was full.

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