Monday, February 18, 2013

Part of your world (Part 1)

As a licensed lifeguard, Chris had only one reaction to seeing the woman in the ocean. He needed to save her! The rocks were far to dangerous on this section of the beach and the waves were much too rough for the average swimmer. As he swam out, his only puzzling thought was why she didn't appear to be struggling. When he approached her with the intent of bringing her back to shore, she kissed him. His senses suddenly numbed, and soon he blacked out. He thought it was the end but was quite surprised to awaken on a rock some time later -- not far from where he had been. He wondered if the woman was planting some sort of trap, but maybe he wasn't the intended target. After all, why else could that kiss have caused him to black out -- and why save him if it did?

For some time, he just laid on the rock thinking about it. But a few heavy breaths in a moment of deep contemplation caused him to notice the weight on his chest. Looking down, he spied two large breasts in a familiar sequin top. The kiss must have caused some sort of body swap! That only raised more why and how!?

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