Monday, February 4, 2013

Cursed hot tub

"The water feels great; why don't you come on in and join me?" Devin cooed to the man just entering the pool area.

The man seemed excited, and Devin knew this would be his opportunity. He had been tricked into the jacuzzi in a similar manner. A hot woman had invited him in, but once he stepped into the hot tub, the woman turned into a man, and Devin found himself turning into a woman. The jacuzzi was cursed, and in order to change back into his old male self, he needed some other guy to come in.

Devin had thought about ending the curse. He made quite a hot woman, but there were simply too many logistical problems. He couldn't explain his new body to his boss. He'd probably be fired, and then where would he work? All of his ID said he was male. He sure enjoyed this new body, but it simply wasn't practical. As the other man stepped in, he felt his short time as a woman slipping away. He wondered how long the curse had perpetuated from one guy to another.

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