Friday, February 8, 2013

I told you so

Submitted by Hikari H.
Selene was in a big mess, an incredibly bad situation with the posibility of being arrested now that she been forced into the criminals body.

During the briefing with her colleagues and superiors an hour ago she was warned about a serial body swapper who had been hijacking and stealing bodies from unsuspecting people and then committing heinous crimes in them. Unfortunately with the current law, the body that commits the crime gets punished even if the person inside didn't commit it, which was why Selene started to panic after falling into one of the body switching pools.

The body hopper wasted no time beginning the switch, where the water clung to Selene, sucked her out of her body, and then poured the thief into the empty vessel. After about ten minutes of struggling Selene body was now in the full control of the body thief with no way of regaining her stolen body.

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