Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hall of mirrors

Every year, Tyler had gone to the carnival when it came to town. He had seen everything there so many times and had such a good time. But this year, things weighed on him more than before. He was 18 now, he'd be leaving home and heading to college in the fall. This might be the last time he'd ever come here. He loved the nostalgia of the attractions he had enjoyed for so many years. But a new attraction soon caught his eye, a hall of mirrors. Had the carnival finally introduced something new? The ticket-taker assured him it certainly WAS new, and as a result, admission was free. Tyler enjoyed going through, seeing his body distorted in all sorts of fun ways. But then things got creepy. The reflections looking back at him stopped being distortions of his own shape; instead, they looked like entirely different people. There was an old man mimicking his moves in one mirror, a young girl in another. Then, he realized the path behind him had closed and he was trapped. He was surrounded by mirrors, each with a different person in them. He realized he had no choice but to smash through one, hoping to escape. He took aim at one with a woman with dark raven hair and got a running start. Instead of a shatter, it felt like a sucking. He soon realized all the mirrors reflected back the same woman, and he looked down and he realized he WAS her! The only good thing was that the path to the exit seemed to now be opened. He walked out hesitantly. He had been worried about being thrust into a new life, and it seemed that situation was even more extreme!

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