Thursday, January 10, 2013


It was shortly after his 18th birthday that Todd noticed he had a rather odd power. He could remove and reattach his own body parts or the body parts of others will no ill consequences. It was like a strange form of magic or something. One day, his friend Emily posed a question. If he could remove and reattach body parts, could he remove his own leg and reattach it to someone else? Todd had never thought of it before, but a quick test and he and Emily had switched left legs. They were both walking unevenly, so she suggested they switch right legs too.

It wasn't long before they had completely switched bodies, and that's when Todd realized there was a problem. He could no longer remove and reattach parts. However, Emily soon discovered now that she could! The power must have been contained in one of his parts. Todd begged to switch back, but Emily asked if she could try something first.

The next thing Todd knew, he was still Emily, but his torso was attached backwards. He looked down and saw both Emily's breasts and butt. He told she had her fun, and it was time to get back to normal. She smiled and told him that since she had his powers now, her fun was just beginning!

She ran out the door. Todd tried to chase after her, but he was so disoriented from the rearrangement of his torso that he simply didn't have the coordination.

For the next several days, he just waited. He had no desire to go out like this. He'd be branded as a freak. He'd feel so embarrassed. He was hoping Emily would return and fix him. He wasn't even concerned with getting his own body back anymore; he just wanted his torso to be on the right way. Of course, that was just the level of desperation Emily was waiting for.


  1. I have the strangest boner right now...