Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Caroline was quite young when she realized she could swap bodies with anyone of her choosing. When she was little, she'd use her power to switch bodies with her mom whenever she was grounded or punished. As Caroline got older, she got more curious. She started switching her body with random men on the street, and always switched back to being herself before too long. Initially, the curiosity was about the male body, wondering what it was like to be a guy. That soon faded, and it became about seeing how the man would react to suddenly being a woman. Usually, they would panic and freak out, but today was different. The man she decided to switch with didn't even seem to skip a beat when suddenly finding himself in her body. She walked a safe distance behind to observe. The man she switched with today was certainly calm about it. She did notice him look down at his new body from time to time, and she thought he was holding back a smile every now and again. She decided to observe him just a little while longer...

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