Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Eddie really wished he hadn't gone uptown for lunch today. The service at the restaurant was slow, the waitress barely spoke English, the food was miserable, and he needed to get back down to Wall Street for a very important meeting. Things got really bad after the meal. He asked to speak with the waitress to personally yell at her. As he did, a strange delirium came over them both momentarily. Suddenly, he realized he was looking at himself. Then he looked down to see that he had switched bodies with the waitress. It was bad enough  he was in her low-wage body, but she was in his! And he had his meeting! This was terrible! Fortunately, as he spoke, he realized that he also got her broken English; he hoped she had his good diction. He'd have to give her a crash course for the meeting and hope she didn't screw up!

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