Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Stanley had been ecstatic when he finally completed the equation. It was the last piece of information required to make his new invention work properly. Inputting the last mathematical elements into the software, he took a deep breath in. He now had a device capable of transferring two minds safely, and he was ready to test it. A young woman named Andrea was the only volunteer, which meant the other person involved in the swap would have to be himself. A quick zap, and he was in Andrea's body; it had worked successfully. The only flaw seemed to be the fact that the software from the device was cleared in the process. He thought it would be re-input the equation he had just figured out not long ago.

However, when he looked back on his notes in his books and on the board, it all looked so confusing and complicated to him now. He couldn't figure out how anything went together anymore or what part of the program to place each part of the equation. He struggled for hours trying to remember, but he realized he may have his own memories and personality, but he had Andrea's physiology. Maybe her brain just wasn't built for math. But his own brain was! He theorized he could work together with Andrea in his body to sort out this mess...at least he hoped so!

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  1. EXCEEELNT STORY & USE of pic. I love thather brain isn't caoable of his advanced work. Nice touch.