Wednesday, January 2, 2013


When Derek heard his phone ringing, it took him a while to remember he was carrying a purse. But he managed to get to the call before it went to voicemail.

He saw the called ID, "Hey, Bro, don't stress. I'm almost at the school."

"So the medallion in my room actually worked? This is so freaky, you even SOUND like mom!" Derek's brother Doug said on the other end of the phone.

"Yeah, I put it around my neck and touched one of mom's shirts to it. The next thing you know, I am her. It's totally weird!"

"Yeah, well, the principal is totally freaking out about that prank I played on Mr. Allen, and she isn't calming down until she speaks with mom. You know how mom would get. I'd be grounded for life, but thanks to that medallion, you can come in, and I can get off scott-free!"

"Yeah, yeah, fine, but as soon as we get back home, you are using that thing and changing me back!"

"Actually, there is one catch. It won't work again for twelve hours after it's used."

"You mean I'm stuck with mom's body for another eleven hours? What am I going to do with mom's body for eleven hours!?"

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  1. LOL! excellent use ofpic & very good story. I can just see so many things going wrong!