Thursday, January 24, 2013


Christian was a little surprised when his girlfriend, Sarah, asked to watch the football game with him one Sunday. He had never had a girlfriend interested in football before. She told him she wasn't interested in the game, but the athleticism of the cheerleaders. He laughed at that, mocking the idea of cheerleading as a sport. She wanted to lash out right then, but figured a little lesson would be more fitting. The next night, right before Monday night football, she slipped something in his drink. After taking a sip, the next thing he knew, he was about to go on the football field. Christian felt such a rush being so close to the game until he realized he was in the body of a cheerleader! He wanted to run and hide, but felt compelled to join the rest of the women on the field. He was soon pulling off moves like a pro, but also working up quite a sweat! He just couldn't help himself. Sarah watched from the body of one of the other cheerleaders. She hoped this would teach Christian a lesson!

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