Thursday, January 3, 2013

New life

Tyler hadn't expected death to be like this. There were no fluffy clouds in the afterlife but no hell fires either. It was more like a large warehouse filled with people. Slowly, but surely, the people got fewer and fewer. He noticed some were moving like him and other stood perfectly still. He approached one of the still ones. She was gorgeous and tall, wearing a white dress.

"Is that the one you'd like?" A nearby person asked.

"Excuse me?" Tyler responded.

"Is this your first time in the afterlife? I suppose it is if you don't remember anything. That's usual for a first timer. You still these still bodies are here for you to select your next life."

"So if I pick this woman, I become her? In my next life?"

"Of course! But obviously not right away! You still need to be born and go through your childhood! You'll live life as her, and when you die you'll come back here to select your next life. I won't have to explain it to you on any subsequent visits, but you'll likely forget all about this place and your past life during your time as her."

"Okay," Tyler took a deep breath, "I'm ready. Make me her."

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