Tuesday, January 22, 2013


As Lana prepared her morning energy drink, she could hear her roommates arguing as they came down the stairs. The yelling and shouting continued at the table.

"How could you do this to me? How could you steal my body, Julia?" The petite blonde yelled.

"Me! I didn't do anything! It must have been you, Adam!" The large, muscle-bound man replied.

"You can both chill," Lana interrupted, "Julie, I told you not to borrow my things without asking, and now you know why."

"What are you talking about?" The man answered back.

"That necklace around neck is something called the Medallion of Zulu. It can swap two people's bodies, and it looks like that's just what it did to you two. You're going to have to be stuck in each other's bodies for about twelve hours or so, but at least it should teach you a lesson."

"What did I do!?" Adam demanded while pointing the finger at his own body, "She borrowed it without asking! I'm innocent here!"

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