Friday, January 25, 2013


John had a crush on Ming for longer than he could even remember. He couldn't explain why he never acted on it. She was just one of those women that gave him butterflies in his stomach; he'd freeze up. It took more than a few beers for him to admit his feelings that one night, and she just stared at him. She didn't even say anything. The rest of the night was a blue for him. He couldn't remember a moment of it. He awoke the next morning in Ming's bed. While he couldn't recall what had happened after his confession the night before, waking up here was certainly a sign of good things! That is, until he realized he was not only in bed, but also her body! he had switched bodies with Ming at some point last night!

Looking in a mirror, he realized that being in her body did little to relieve his feelings. In fact, it just made them stronger. Seeing Ming's reflection was a bit more than he could bear. He started rubbing his body up against the mirror and kissed his reflection's lips. He continued for several minutes before he was interrupted.

"Having fun?" The voice asked.

John quickly turned his head to see Ming standing there in his body...

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