Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Marlon held up the football trophy with a sense of pride and smugness. He had told the rest of his team that the Great Shift didn't affect his ability to play. Despite his now small frame and feminine body, he knew he was still the best quarterback in the state. But they started with an alternate. By halftime, they were losing miserably. Marlon begged to be put in, saying there was no way he could make things worse. The team was surprised by how well he still did. In the final seconds of the game, they were down by three. Marlon insisted on one last attempt for a touchdown instead of opting for the field goal. As he looked for a spot to pass, he couldn't find one. He ended up running the ball into the endzone himself. He won the damn game, and these suckers had the nerve to doubt his ability earlier?

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